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by:Haikuo     2021-06-25
The service life of metal hoses is also affected by factors such as heat shrinkage, external vibration and shock, alternative working conditions, lack of regular monitoring and maintenance, and improper operation. Water hammer is a pressure transient process caused by the sudden change of the medium activity in the pipeline and the fluid momentum change, and it is a special vibration phenomenon caused by the unstable activity in the pipeline. When the sharply rising and falling pressure waves propagate through the pipeline, a kind of noise will be generated when the pipeline is hit with a hammer, so it is called water hammer. When water hammer occurs, the impact force on the bend section of the pipe is greater. Therefore, the user should follow the required operating procedures, such as slow heating, pressure regulator boost, instantaneous flow reduction and pressure change, etc., to prevent water hammer from occurring.
The strength of the 304 stainless steel anti-corrosion metal hose after the supply of corroded metal hose is reduced, and it is prone to failure when receiving internal pressure and tensile load. Therefore, metal hoses used in corrosive environments should be targeted to select materials, increase protective measures, and improve corrosion resistance. For metal hoses used at high temperatures, the rated working pressure must be reduced according to the temperature correction factor of the working pressure of the metal hose at high temperatures to ensure safe operation. Fatigue failure. Under dynamic working conditions, metal hoses are often damaged by fatigue cracks when subjected to cyclic loads. Such damage is a normal failure. In order to extend the service life, it is necessary to ensure that the hose is designed and selected correctly, the device is accurate, and does not cause additional stress such as twisting of the hose.
Through the microscopic analysis of the fracture at the circumferential bend and the longitudinal fracture, it is found that the source of the fracture is all line source, there is no obvious material defect in the source area, and the characteristics of the fracture expansion area are all fatigue characteristics. In addition, the fractured cross-sections all have different degrees of thinning. The observed fractured cross-section is only thin (the thickness of the other unweared areas is about); although the fractured cross-section is thinner, there is no trace of deformation near the fracture, indicating The thinning of its cross-section is not caused by plastic stretching. There are obvious wear marks on the surface of the steel belt near the fracture, and its wear characteristics are adhesive wear + abrasive wear. According to reports in the literature, if 304 stainless steel rubs against the friction pair, the adhesive wear mechanism is the main one, and with the progress of surface friction, the surface layer structure will undergo martensitic transformation. After use, the shower nozzle should be inserted on the shelf, and never coil the metal hose on the shower faucet. Metal hose    At this point, everyone should already understand how to maintain the shower hose. Here are a few points for your reference: first. Everyone should keep the metal hose in a natural stretch state when showering.
With the implementation of new environmental protection standards and the continuous improvement of vehicle quality requirements for official users, more domestic commercial vehicle manufacturers will choose metal hoses with better functions to improve the quality and Market Competitiveness. What are the classifications of metal hoses? Threading metal hose: The threading metal hose is mainly made of stainless steel. It has outstanding flexibility, corrosion resistance and tensile resistance, high temperature resistance and abrasion resistance. It is mainly used as a maintenance tube for wires and cables. Corrugated metal hose: Corrugated metal hose is mainly composed of corrugated pipe, net sleeve and joint. The corrugated pipe plays a flexible role in the corrugated metal hose, and is made of thin-walled stainless steel with spiral or annular wave.
Metal hose is an important component in the connecting pipeline of modern industrial equipment. Metal hoses are used as wire and cable protection tubes for wires, cables, automatic instrument signals, and civilian shower hoses, with specifications ranging from 3mm to 150mm. Small-caliber metal hoses (inner diameter 3mm-25mm) are mainly used for the protection of sensing lines of precision optical scales and industrial sensor lines. From the perspective of the important significance of the bellows as the body of the metal hose. The development of metal bellows means the development of metal hoses. People coat the outer surface of the corrugated pipe with materials such as rubber, plastic or nylon, and armor the mesh sleeve composed of metal wire or metal tape, and change various joint forms to meet the different requirements under various conditions of use. Created various forms of metal hoses.
   Flexible metal sleeve refers to PULLKA wire maintenance tube. The standard tube is made of galvanized steel strip, steel strip and electrical paper double-layered material. In addition, it is used outdoors, Special polyvinyl chloride coating, aluminum tape coating, stainless steel tape coating casing for use in high temperature, high temperature and clean or corrosive gas environment. Flexible metal casing has excellent corrosion resistance, good sensation resistance, and light weight (only about 14 of steel pipe weight). The length is not restricted, it can be cut freely according to engineering requirements, and it can be pre-buried in the steel mesh. The outer surface of the tube is threaded, and it can be connected and bent with corresponding accessories. It is mainly used for burying in concrete and maintenance of outdoor low-voltage electrical wiring. It can also replace traditional metal hoses as wire maintenance pipes between steel pipes and electrical equipment. Gas, air, heavy oil, petroleum, chemical industry, etc. are all applicable. The corrugated pipe of the stainless steel hose is made of chromium-nickel austenitic stainless steel. When using it, pay attention to prevent the pitting corrosion of nitrogen ions and the corrosive damage of dilute sulfuric acid and dilute sulfuric acid. Applicable scope of piping hoses for steam-preventing vibration spaces: delivery pipes that require sufficient flexibility.
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