A new generation of food-grade Teflon hoses for conveying food and beverages

by:Haikuo     2021-05-29
Food grade Teflon hose APFRC rubber-coated FEP hose (Teflon) is made of pure FEP inner tube, and double-layer spiral steel wire reinforcement layer enhances the compression resistance. The smooth inner tube has excellent chemical resistance and has passed USP Class VI certification. The EPDM rubber coating enhances durability and protects the hose from dirt, chemicals or other external damage. You can use APFRC rubber outsourcing FEP hoses with better bends, which have the same physical properties as the original type, but its advantages are clearly visible where large-diameter hoses require more bends.

   Food grade hose, Teflon hose, fruit juice beverage hose, food grade rubber hose, food liquid extraction hose main features:
  The inner tube is smooth, non-sticky, suitable for unlimited liquid flow;
  FEP inner tube has passed USP Class VI certification and meets FDA and USDA standards;
   resistance to kink and friction and heat generation;
   can be used to handle high pressure or complete vacuum;
   Normal operating temperature range: -40°C to 148°C;
   can be sterilized / high temperature sterilization;
  The outer rubber coating is resistant to rot, ozone, radiation and environmental erosion;
  FEP inner tube does not decompose any odor and taste to the fluid medium;
  The longest usable length reaches 100 feet;
  The products are recordable and traceable;
  Quality control has been filed;
   A full set of 3A standard 316L stainless steel sanitary joints can be crimped, and ASME/BPE standards can also be used;
  Increase the stainless steel protective sleeve to avoid the hose crushing, kinking, harsh environment and friction damage while maintaining the curvature;
  Specified length, size, white coated hose, proprietary brand or packaging can also be produced according to requirements.
  Food grade hose, Teflon hose is a new generation of hoses for conveying food and beverages, which are widely used in the treatment of liquids such as wine, fruit juice, tomato sauce, beer, soft drinks and mineral water. Suitable for inhalation and delivery applications. Especially the ideal solution for high temperature and long time steam sterilization applications.
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