A special high-temperature aluminum foil duct for range hoods

by:Haikuo     2021-06-13
Range hood exhaust pipe is suitable for hot or cold air guide pipe, high temperature exhaust gas discharge. Motor vehicle exhaust emissions, constant temperature gas delivery, high-temperature welding gas emissions, particle dryers in the plastics industry, kitchen range hoods, printing machinery, hair dryers and compressors, engine structures, engine heating, aviation equipment and military equipment.
  Properties: High temperature ventilation pipe, aluminum foil telescopic air pipe adopts double-layer structure, covered with polyurethane insulation layer, aluminum foil tape for heat insulation, good heat resistance. Sealing protection, smooth interior, flexible fiber reinforced, small bending radius, not easy to kink, in line with RoHs regulations. There is an elastic steel wire in the middle of the tube wall, and the surface of the tube is reinforced with ribbon fibers and ropes.

  Material: spiral wire, elastic steel wire, pipe wall material, glass fiber coating on silicon surface
  Temperature range: -30 to +150℃, instantaneous temperature +180℃
  Note: Other specifications, lengths, and other requirements can be customized.
   This style of range hood exhaust pipe is of super quality, thick double-layer aluminum foil, with steel wire in the middle, good supporting force, free expansion, fine workmanship, and excellent aluminum foil quality.
  Special reminder: The exhaust pipe of the range hood should be long rather than short. The exhaust pipe can be freely expanded and contracted, and it needs to be bought longer for easy installation. Especially for some that have to be bent several times, it is best to reserve a length of more than half a meter. If you buy it, you can shrink it for use. Not only does it have no effect on the smoke exhaust, but it is beneficial.
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