Aluminum foil telescopic ventilation pipe is suitable for high-pressure, medium-pressure and low-pressure air conditioning and ventilation systems

by:Haikuo     2021-05-31
The aluminum foil ventilation pipe can be bent arbitrarily, there is no rigid elbow, which can reduce wind resistance, integrated molding, and small air leakage; the inner core adopts a standard thin-walled aluminum tube, and the outer damp-proof strong, fire-resistant reinforced aluminum foil is suitable for high pressure and medium pressure. , Low-pressure air conditioning and ventilation system. Flame-retardant, compressive and heat-preserving. It can be directly installed on the circular or elliptical interface. It is self-sustaining and will not retract after installation. It can maintain the flatness of the tube to reduce wind resistance.
  Structure and description: High temperature resistant air duct, aluminum foil high temperature air duct is made of silver-white, medium temperature resistant and dust-free thickness 0.1mm composite aluminum foil as the material of the duct. The interior is made of 8mm wide and 1.5mm thick groove-shaped sub-lead supporting metal sheet made of spiral continuous tight clamps, exquisite and flexible construction, resistant to medium temperature, suitable for clean room use. Tensile strength: 12㎏f/25㎜ within the clamp compound Aluminum foil duct.

  Specifications and characteristics: Tensile strength: 12㎏f/25㎜; Tube inner diameter: 2'~ 12' Applicable temperature: 200 ℃;
   Each standard length: 5M / branch; Bending radius: D*1.25;
  Inner lead steel sheet pipe spacing: 19㎜~ 24㎜; Flexible duct material: double-layer inner-clamped composite aluminum foil;
   Standard color: aluminum silver
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