Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various high temperature and flame retardant air ducts

by:Haikuo     2021-06-17
In the fire-fighting smoke exhaust and fire-resistant high-temperature air duct, due to the requirements of the high-temperature air duct's anti-combustion performance, the high-temperature resistant and flame-retardant air duct carrier material used must meet the national standards GB50243-2002 and JGJl41-2004, GB 8624, GBl742- In 1998, the non-combustible A-level and above standards are stipulated, and the organic-inorganic composite air duct products are not described here.
  In the flame-retardant air duct, the traditional thick steel plate or galvanized iron sheet is the dominant position in the world. In a few projects, the aluminum foil sandwiched with glass wool and magnesium oxychloride hand lay-up (glass reinforced plastic) products are used.
  High temperature air duct performance: Advantages: flame retardant above Class A, good fire resistance, can be used below 900°C, high strength, can be used in medium and high pressure systems, good toughness, and easy to use.
   Disadvantages: high cost, large air leakage, no energy saving, large noise, easy to rust, short service life, and occupy a large building space.
The performance of high temperature duct formed by welding of thick steel plate:
  Advantages: high strength, long service life, high temperature resistance and no change in shape. Disadvantages: It is difficult to make welding, increase the load of the building body, and the project cost is high. Insulation protection against heat radiation is required.
Double-sided aluminum foil sandwiched with glass fiber cotton to make air duct performance: advantages: light volume, fast construction speed, low engineering cost, beautiful appearance, small space occupation, no rust, suitable for use under 400℃.
   Disadvantages: low strength, can only be used in a pressure system below 500Pa, short service life (5.6 years); can not be used as a fireproof duct at medium and high temperature, glass fiber splash is harmful to the human body and can cause cancer; the adhesive is Organic flame-retardant substances will ignite spontaneously when they reach a certain temperature, leading to the collapse of the air duct and causing fires and other accidents.
   Magnesium oxychloride cement glass fiber reinforced wind pipe (hand-laid glass fiber reinforced plastic) performance: advantages: high strength, low engineering cost, fast construction speed, suitable for use in the temperature range below 400.
   Disadvantages: The manufacturing cycle is long, the thickness of the product is difficult to control, and the magnesium chloride and magnesium oxide are difficult to mix uniformly, resulting in too much or too little of a certain kind of raw material locally, which affects the 5.1.8 molecular cluster polymerization, resulting in a return to the house. Introduction and promotion of special anti-smoke, high-temperature and high-pressure air ducts. Halogen or frosting can seriously cause weathering and collapse of air ducts, and product quality and service life are difficult to determine.
   New type combined smoke prevention and exhaust duct high temperature and high pressure special duct performance:
  Advantages: The new combined anti-exhaust air duct high temperature and high pressure air duct is the product of the invention under the new situation. It adopts inorganic refractory fiber reinforced, mechanical mass production, its strength is high, and it can be suitable for any high pressure or ultra high pressure system. Use, high temperature resistance, can be designed according to engineering.
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