Any Haikuo Hose offices in other countries?
Hangzhou Haikuo Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd., according to the company's development and market demand, plans to establish multiple departments/offices overseas. We are an active player in various exhibitions and seminars. This is a way to stay in touch with your personally and the world. The construction of a branch/office is a way to get closer to you.

Haikuo Hose has been focusing on producing washing machine water hose for years. Leveraging unrivaled expertise, we are one of the most sought-after manufacturers. Haikuo Hose has created a number of successful series, and fuel dispenser hose is one of them. The designers of Haikuo Hose industrial water hose have earned years of experiences in the industry. Its reinforcement layer is composed of a coiled or braided wire, which protects it against tears. The product consumes little energy. It transforms little physical or electrical energy into enormous mechanical energy during operation. This product exhibits excellent resistance to ozone.

Innovation is the hallmark of all top manufactures, so is we. Get info!
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