As a kind of common ventilation duct, high temperature resistant air duct, what should be noticed when using air duct

by:Haikuo     2021-06-07
High temperature resistant air duct is usually an industrial ventilation duct used to ventilate and exhaust hot air. Products such as 'high temperature resistant 400 degree air pipe, high temperature resistant 500 degree air pipe, and high temperature resistant 600 degree air pipe' are often seen on the market. , Many air duct products do not have labels and instructions after production, so what are the precautions when using high-temperature air ducts?
  When using high temperature air ducts, we must first clarify the temperature endurance limit of the product. If the temperature exceeds the product limit temperature, the air duct will not be durable. For example, air duct ventilation with a high temperature resistance of 400 degrees means that the instantaneous temperature reaches 450 degrees, and the temperature is around 400 degrees for a long time, so the temperature cannot exceed 450 degrees for a long time. If the air duct exceeds the limit temperature of the product during use, the duct will not be durable due to the use of it beyond the temperature range for a long time. Therefore, when using high-temperature air ducts or other industrial hoses, they must be kept at the standard temperature. The highest temperature can be reached in an instant, but the standard temperature cannot be exceeded for a long time to avoid rupture of the air duct.
   High temperature resistant telescopic air duct should also pay attention to its pressure resistance range. There are two types of positive pressure and negative pressure. The positive pressure duct is used for exhausting or ventilating; the negative pressure duct is used for exhaust and negative pressure. The air duct can be used for ventilation and exhaust air, while the positive pressure air duct is used for exhausting air. If the pressure is too high, the air duct will be flattened or broken. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish whether it is exhausted or exhausted when using it.

  High temperature resistant 400 degree air duct product performance characteristics and production process introduction:
  ◆. Structure: Patented CP structure (CP is the abbreviation of clamp profile), special glass fiber coating, external spiral, galvanized steel clip (steel sheet with anti-wear plastic); Patent number: ZL201130194610.7
  ◆. Performance: good vacuum characteristics, the external spiral galvanized sheet has very good wear resistance, dragging on the ground will not damage the air duct, flexible, arbitrary expansion and bending, flame retardant, insulation, high temperature resistance , Anti-vibration, strong toughness and chemical resistance.
  ◆. Production diameter: 1 inch -50 inch, the bending radius is about larger than the radius, the expansion ratio: 5:1;
  ◆. Color: outer gray/inner white/galvanized steel sheet;
  ◆. Length: 10 meters, can be requested: special color, special length, can be customized;
  ◆.Application range: used for diesel engine test bench, exhaust of automobile exhaust, high temperature boiler gas extraction, used for exhaust equipment, engine structure, heating engine, solid such as dust, powder and fiber, gas environment such as steam Smoke, dust removal and extraction plant, heater exhaust, aircraft equipment and military coordination bellows and compressors, low-pressure environments, such as construction machinery, coal mines.
  ◆. Temperature range: about -60 °C to +400 °C, can reach +450 °C in a short time
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