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by:Haikuo     2021-06-20

The operating pressure limit of the quick coupling cannot exceed the working condition< /p>

According to the size of the fluid volume, determine the model of the joint, and at the same time, it should be equipped with piping of the corresponding shape and size. Make sure that the selected quick connector link threads must be the same. When connectors from different vendors appear during use, the female and male connectors of the same vendor must be used together. If you must use them crosswise, you must consult the technical personnel of the product supplier before operation. Use it after confirming it. Quick couplings should not exceed the working pressure limit under working conditions, and the temperature, humidity, and susceptibility to corrosion of the working environment should also be controlled within the scope of use. Do not damage the quick couplings deliberately. If there are problems with the couplings, you should find a technician to repair them in time. Do not disassemble them at will.

The main precautions for using wrench-type quick couplings

The main precautions for using wrench-type quick couplings: 1. Please do not use it for applicable fluids Other fluids. 2. Do not exceed the use pressure limit during use. 3. Do not use outside the temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of the sealing material. 4. Do not hit, bend or stretch artificially to prevent damage. 5. Do not use it in places mixed with metal powder or sand to prevent poor work or leakage. 6. For threaded installation, do not exceed the tightening torque during installation to prevent damage. 7. Do not use hoses with cracks to prevent leakage or falling off.

There is a closed cavity in the solenoid valve. There are through holes at different positions. Each hole leads to a different tubing. The middle of the cavity is a valve, and there are two sides on both sides. Electromagnet, which side of the magnet coil is energized, the valve body will be attracted to which side, by controlling the movement of the valve body to block or leak different oil drain holes, and the oil inlet hole is normally open, the hydraulic oil will be Enter the different oil discharge pipes, and then use the oil pressure to push the oil-gang piston, the piston drives the piston rod, and the piston rod drives the mechanical device to move. In this way, the mechanical movement is controlled by controlling the current of the electromagnet.

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