Automobile exhaust pipes are suitable for all kinds of engine exhaust systems of cars, buses, trucks, etc.

by:Haikuo     2021-06-12
Automobile exhaust pipes are mainly used for the intake pipes of hot and cold air of automobiles. They have the characteristics of light weight, good flexibility, strong pressure resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, and extremely convenient installation and maintenance. They are suitable for all kinds of cars, mini cars, buses, and trucks. Such as engine, air filter, air intake and ventilation system of hot and cold air.

  Using conditions and performance indicators
  Applicable temperature range: paper tube (PAP) -40℃—150℃; aluminum tube (APA) -40℃—200℃; aluminum-clad fiberglass tube -40℃—250℃
  Minimum bending radius (r): equal to the inner diameter of the hose (D) ru003dD
  Bending performance: After the tube is bent to the minimum radius, the diameter change is ≤5%
   rupture resistance: after 15 cycles of bending, the hose will not rupture
   Negative rupture pressure: ≥0.06Mpa
   Radial pressure resistance: 500N—800N/400mm (varies with different material structures)
  Water resistance: The hose will be immersed in water for 300h, and the bonding layer will not delaminate
  Oil resistance: the hose is immersed in 20# engine oil for 300h, and there is no delamination between the bonding layers
  Expansion amount:>20%
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