Blue PVC plastic reinforced hose, smooth inner and outer walls, small bending radius, is a beautiful and durable new variety

by:Haikuo     2021-06-03
The PVC plastic rib reinforced hose adopts high-quality PVC synthetic material with a hard plastic rib spiral frame, smooth inner and outer walls, small bending radius, and has good negative pressure resistance. The material is rich in anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation raw materials, and has high anti-aging performance. Lightweight, transparent, small bending radius, negative pressure resistance, and good weather resistance. It is an ideal pipe for vacuum suction of powder, particles, water and oil in factories, agriculture and water conservancy engineering. It is an excellent substitute for rubber tube and metal tube. Usually used as a suction and conveying tube, it is especially suitable for the suction of solids such as dust and fibers, gaseous and liquid media, industrial dust removal and suction equipment, air conditioning and ventilation systems, special hoses, as an anti-wear protection tube.
  PVC plastic rib hose is a beautiful and durable new variety. Most of the rigid PVC plastic ribs are used as the skeleton, and the pipe wall is made of wear-resistant PU or PVC to achieve the unity of price and performance. The inner wall of the hose is completely smooth, making the material flow more smoothly. Good resistance to alkali metals and acids, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance, small bending radius, no leakage of gas and liquid. Suitable for the transportation of various materials such as powder, particles, debris and other materials (for example: ceramics, glass, wood, plastic, metal, glass, etc.), powder, smoke, dust, shavings, wood chips, steaming, heavy industrial materials and abrasive materials The suction, discharge and conveying. It has extraordinary anti-wear properties and can maintain good softness even in a very low temperature environment. It can meet the requirements of high wear resistance, high firmness and high softness.

  Structure: The tube wall is covered with a hard plastic spiral, and the inner wall of the tube is smooth;
   Material: pipe wall: soft PVC, spiral wire: rigid PVC;
  Temperature range: about -5 °C to 80 °C;
  Color: gray (standard), other colors can be customized for customers;
   Our company's PVC plastic rib hose, plastic rib spiral tube, and PVC plastic rib reinforced hose are made of advanced German technology, equipment and research team to produce hoses that meet world-class standards, and the high-quality service will satisfy you. After long-term and large-scale use by manufacturers of vacuum cleaners, machinery and equipment, the quality is stable, and they are exported overseas, and enjoy a good reputation in the industry. Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification. The products have passed the EU ROSH certification and meet the requirements of national standards and European and American standards. Our factory is also constantly researching and developing new products to meet market demand. It can be processed and customized, and our company can also provide free samples for trial.
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