Common guide to the price of high pressure hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-25

High pressure hoses are mainly used in coal industry and petroleum industry To transmit some liquids with a certain temperature and pressure, whether it is a manufacturer or a quality inspection unit, if you want to understand the product performance of the high-pressure hose, you need to set a certain pressure and temperature adjustment control environment to make the tested part reach the actual use. The performance of the product can be finally determined by testing the fatigue life of the working state. The PtV series impulse testing machine of Wantest can be used for the impulse test requirements of construction machinery hydraulic hoses, steel wire reinforced rubber hoses, high-pressure oil pipes, hose assemblies, oil coolers and other products.

Pay attention to the following when choosing high pressure hose:

1. According to the pressure of the system, choose the number of layers of steel wire for the hose, the pressure is high, and the number of layers of steel wire is more. Each type of hose has a working pressure, and the pressure of the hose is 4 times the working pressure. Therefore, according to the actual system pressure, the working pressure of the selected hose can be larger than the actual working pressure.

2. Choose the inner diameter of the hose according to the flow rate. If the tube diameter is too small, it will increase the flow rate of the medium in the tube, cause the system to heat up, reduce efficiency, and Excessive pressure drop will be produced, which will affect the performance of the entire system. Excessive pipe diameter will increase costs, so the inner diameter of the hose should be appropriate. When the hose is fixed with a pipe clamp or the hose passes through spacers such as steel plates, pay attention to the outer diameter of the hose.

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High pressure hoses are used for mine hydraulic supports, oilfield development, engineering construction, lifting and transportation, metallurgical forging, mining equipment, ships, injection molding machinery, agricultural machinery, various machine tools and various Transport of petroleum-based (such as mineral oil, soluble oil, hydraulic oil, fuel, lubricating oil) and water-based liquids (such as emulsion, oil-water emulsion, water) with certain pressure and temperature in the mechanized and automated hydraulic system of the industrial sector And liquid transmission pipelines.

The armored heat-insulated high-pressure hose is used to transport high-pressure compressed air, inert gas, steam and heat with a temperature below 150°C at room temperature. Water etc.

The purpose of high-pressure hose armoring:

1 , Prevent the hose from being damaged by collision or mechanical friction.

2. Increase the heat insulation layer, which can be used in high temperature environment to improve the service life. A common guide to the price of high pressure hose 'Liyuan' [Liyuan wjnchlm]

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