Common retractable high temperature resistant air ducts: PP retractable air ducts, 400 degrees high temperature resistant flexible ducts

by:Haikuo     2021-06-14
Common retractable high temperature resistant air ducts: PP retractable air ducts, 400 degrees high temperature resistant flexible ducts
  High temperature resistant air duct is an indispensable and important part of ventilation and exhaust in industrial production. There are many types of high temperature resistant air ducts. Today I will tell you about the high temperature resistant exhaust duct with flexibility, which means that it can be compressed and Stretchable ducts, some high-temperature resistant ducts cannot be stretched and can only be bent. In certain scenes, a softer stretchable duct must be used, or in order to save space, it can be retracted when not in use. . In addition to being more convenient to use, the transportation cost of the retractable high temperature resistant air duct is also relatively low, because it can be compressed and takes up less space. For the air duct, some non-retractable pipes, such as the red high temperature vulcanized silicone air duct LKE00426 , Its packaging volume is very large, the transportation cost is high, and the cost increases a lot. The high temperature resistant telescopic air duct is a type of air duct used to discharge industrial exhaust gas, automobile exhaust gas, high-temperature boilers and other gas emissions.
   Scalable and high temperature resistant exhaust ducts are the most commonly used in the following two types:
  1. PP telescopic ducts that can be universally shaped. This kind of flexible high-temperature resistant exhaust duct is very common. For example, some range hood ducts, bathroom exhaust ducts, toilet sewage pipes can all use this, not only Ventilation and exhaust, but also liquid. This is a kind of air duct that can be compressed and shaped. There are many common air-conditioning exhaust ducts. Its characteristic is that it can be retracted and shaped. Each standard length is 5M, compressed Rear: 1.5M, steel wire spacing: 20mm, standard color: off-white, other colors can be customized, duct material thickness: 0.5MM-0.9MM.

  2, 400 degrees high temperature resistant cloth-fitted flexible duct, model is LKE00400, this is a glass fiber coated clip-on high temperature resistant flexible duct, with very good flexibility, high temperature resistance of 400 degrees, low temperature resistance At 60 degrees, the duct is produced by sandwiching high temperature cloth with steel rings. The whole pipe is relatively heavy. Compared with other retractable ducts, because this duct is relatively high in temperature resistance, it is also used in industry. Extensive. Its advantages, acid and alkali resistance, metal resistance, vibration resistance, external wear protection through spiral wire, strong flame retardant, flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102-B1, strong bending radius approximately equal to the outer diameter, high flexibility and toughness, The life span is also long.
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