Compared with the steel wire hose and PU steel wire hose produced by other domestic manufacturers, what are the advantages of Lex?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-05
Steel wire hose, PU steel wire soft is usually used for wear-resistant suction occasions, especially for abrasive solids, such as dust dust, fibers, woodworking sawdust, dust suction hoses for motor cars, and aging-resistant fecal suction hoses. Woodworking machinery vacuums, ceramic machinery cuts materials, and abrasive objects such as debris and granular materials are suctioned and transported. LKESS has many years of experience in research and development, production and sales of PU steel wire hoses. The steel wire hoses are produced by German manufacturing technology, and the quality is absolutely guaranteed. What are the advantages of Hangzhou Haikuo compared with the steel hose and PU steel hose produced by other domestic manufacturers?

  1. The PU steel wire hose produced by Hangzhou Haikuo has very good wear resistance. It is made of German imported polyurethane material and coated with copper-plated steel wire. The interior is smooth, which optimizes the flow characteristics, and is light and flexible. The wall thickness is about 0.9 mm. Flame-retardant requirements meet; UL94-HB standard, in line with ROHS regulations, grounding through spiral wire can discharge static electricity.
  2. The product specifications are complete, and a large number of stocks are available. Orders can be sent at any time, which greatly improves the work efficiency for customers. The steel wire hose can also be customized according to the actual needs of customers, and can produce non-standard specifications of inner diameter and length.
  3. The practicality is very strong. The wear-resistant and temperature-resistant material used in the steel wire hose has a life span of more than 3-5 times that of the ordinary steel wire hose. It has abrasion resistance, aging resistance, high temperature resistance, and cold resistance even in the cold It will not be hard or even cracked like ordinary steel wire hose when used in northern areas. It is not necessary for customers to frequently replace pipes, which greatly improves work efficiency. Ordinary steel wire hose becomes hard and brittle in winter. Although the price is low, it has poor durability and needs to be replaced frequently, which reduces work efficiency.
  3. The LKESS steel wire hose adopts high-strength elastic steel wire, and the copper-plated steel wire makes the whole tube look more high-end. Embedded with high-strength steel wire, the pipe can be bent at any time and the expansion effect is good.
  4. The PU steel wire hose is easy to install. It can be directly sleeved on the external interface and locked with a hose clamp. The pipeline is very light and convenient to use. The tube wall is transparent, and the fluid in the tube can be clearly seen.
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