Crimping pipe joints preferentially recommend 'multiple pictures'

by:Haikuo     2021-06-13

Rubber joints can alleviate the blind plate thrust during pipeline operation< /p>

Rubber joints can alleviate the blind plate thrust during pipeline operation. The role of rubber joints is to reduce vibration and noise, and to compensate the displacement of the pipeline in the axial, radial and angular directions. Oil-resistant rubber joints are requirements for the rubber part from the characteristics of the product. Ordinary rubber will merge with oil when it encounters oil, thereby destroying its structure and affecting its life. Oil-resistant rubber joints cannot be fused with oil, which can extend the service life and transport oily liquids. Crimping pipe joints preferentially recommend 'multiple pictures' [力源wjnchlm]

Mechanical (free float type, lever float type, inverted bucket type) steam traps are opened and closed using the principle of buoyancy. It can automatically distinguish steam and water, and is often used for collecting and reusing water that requires continuous drainage, large flow, and discharged water. Among them, the structure of the lever float trap and the inverted bucket trap is complex, and the free float type flexible rubber joint has a simple structure.

Daily maintenance of quick couplings_News Center

Daily maintenance of quick couplings: 1. Keep the quick coupling drum and pipeline clean. Special attention should be paid to new equipment, and filters should be added when needed to prevent abnormal wear of the twisted joint caused by foreign objects; 2. Because the machine is not used for a long time, it will cause the internal scaling and rust of the joint. Please pay attention to it when it is used again. There may be seizures or dripping; 3. If there is an oil filling installation, please fill the oil regularly to ensure the reliability of the quick joint bearing operation; 4. The quick joint of the smooth heating medium should gradually generate temperature to prevent sudden temperature changes; 5. Introspect the wear and thickness transition of the sealing surface (normal normal wear is 5-10mm); check the friction trajectory of the sealing surface to see if there are three-point discontinuity, scratches, etc., if there is the above situation, you should immediately Change;

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