Does Haikuo Hose provide OEM service?
Hangzhou Haikuo Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. provides OEM service. While you focus on your research, marketing, and internal processes, we will bring your products to market quickly and cost-effectively with the expert support you need. Through our OEM service, you can reduce your capital investment by relying on our synthesis and manufacturing capabilities. What we strive for is to maximize your business benefits meanwhile providing the optimal-quality OEM services. Our longevity and success are made possible by the loyalty and creative spirit of our customers.

Based on years of manufacturing experience, Haikuo Hose deserves market attention and recognition for excellence in manufacturing industrial hoses. Haikuo Hose has created a number of successful series, and high pressure washer hose is one of them. The product generates little noise. It is developed and manufactured based on the noise standards for the industrial equipment. It features low force to flex, making the installation easier. All damaged or defected Industrial rubber hose can be replaced for free. It features low force to flex, making the installation easier.

Agricultural water hose is crucial to Haikuo Hose for long-term development. Please contact us!
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