DPJ male metal hose connector

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24

This metal hose connector is a DPJ end connector made of high-quality zinc alloy die-casting and gold processing. The surface is generally galvanized and hard chrome-plated. The surface is treated as required in special places. The product has a beautiful appearance and a compact structure. It has no pores, high strength, and is connected with hoses and steel pipes. It has the advantages of good sealing, shockproof, anticorrosive, waterproof, dustproof, etc. Specifications and sizes can be changed arbitrarily according to equipment, box body, steel pipe, hose diameter and thread. One end is connected to a hose (steel pipe), and one end is externally threaded to connect the switch box, motor, bridge, etc. Please indicate the hose specification and thread size when ordering, for example: DPJ 15-G1/2”, one end Φ15 hose, the other end G1/2” external thread.

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