Dust explosion accidents happen frequently, and flammable and explosive dust transportation-Lex explosion-proof hoses can help you!

by:Haikuo     2021-06-11
Dust explosion accidents happen frequently, and flammable and explosive dust transportation-Hangzhou Haikuo explosion-proof hose will help you!
   In recent years, with the increase in the production capacity of factories in various places, battery explosion accidents and dust explosion accidents have occurred frequently. Safety is not a trivial matter, and life is not even a trifle. At 1 pm on June 19, a dust explosion occurred in a motorcycle parts manufacturer in Zhaopingyangzhong Village, Tangxia Town, Ruian City. Three two-story low-rise buildings collapsed in the accident. The accident caused a female worker who was in the polishing operation to be injured, and a passing vehicle was damaged. The accident investigation team found that the direct cause of the accident was that the dust-related enterprises used dust removal facilities that did not meet the requirements of the specification to discharge dust, which caused aluminum powder to accumulate in the wall for a long time, forming a dust cloud in the wall hole, and the site did not meet the explosion-proof requirements. An explosion caused by electrical sparks.
   At 6:41 on July 27, a fire broke out in a factory building in Zhongtai Science and Technology Park, Donghuan 1st Road, Longhua New District. 119 dispatched 5 fire squadrons from Longhua, Minzhi, Dalang, Shiyan, and Xixiang to the scene. The fire broke out on the third floor of a building (12 floors in total). The burning material was batteries. The fire spread upstairs in the initial stage. This is the 9th fire in a battery factory this year!
  The painful lesson has been reminding us that even if the cheapest production parts do not meet the requirements of production safety standards, we must not purchase them. Safety is not a trivial matter, and life is not even a trifle.
   Putting production safety in the first place has always been the purpose of Hangzhou Haikuo: Whether it is the production safety of Hangzhou Haikuo, or Hangzhou Haikuo provides customers with explosion-proof products that can avoid dangerous accidents.
  In this issue, the editor of Hangzhou Haikuo will strongly recommend explosion-proof hoses produced by Hangzhou Haikuo, a well-known domestic industrial hose manufacturer, specifically for dust transportation in an explosion-proof environment.
   There are currently seven types of dust known to be explosive: metals (such as magnesium powder, aluminum powder); coal; grain (such as wheat, starch); feed (such as blood meal, fish meal); agricultural and sideline products (such as cotton, tobacco) ; Forest products (such as paper powder, wood powder); synthetic materials (such as plastics, dyes). For different dusts, different explosion-proof hoses should be selected.
   For metal dust, paper powder, etc. with strong wear resistance, Hangzhou Haikuo PU polyurethane material explosion-proof hose can be considered, such as PU polyurethane hose LKE-000503 or PU abrasion resistant particle conveying pipe LKE-00502, etc. These types of PU steel wire hoses are reinforced by steel wires and have a certain thickness on the pipe wall. They have superior wear resistance and anti-aging. The wear resistance is 2.5 to 5 times higher than that of ordinary rubber hoses, which is most soft The wear resistance of PVC hoses is 3 to 4 times higher. According to the German TRBS 2153 standard, the surface resistance value is less than 103Ω, and it is strongly recommended for the transportation of flammable powder.
   For grain (such as wheat, starch) dust and feed dust, in addition to considering the abrasion resistance of the explosion-proof hose wall, it is also necessary to consider whether the hose wall meets the sanitary requirements. Hangzhou Haikuo PU steel wire hose LKE-00503, LKE-00502, LKE-00507, etc. are the best choices. Their materials are also imported polyurethane raw materials, and their wear resistance is recognized by our customers, but these types of hoses can be used in the food industry. The pipe wall complies with: FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 and 178.2010, EC regulation 2002/72/EC including the recently revised regulation 2007/19/EC independent authoritative testing agency certified to comply with the EC 2002/72/EC regulation, including the recently revised 2007/19/ EC.
   For some corrosive powders in chemical companies, in addition to explosion-proof requirements, corrosion resistance needs to be considered. Then Hangzhou Haikuo TPR hose LKE-00330 product is still the choice, its chemical characteristics Outstanding performance. According to the German TRBS 2153 standard: surface resistance value <103Ω, it is strongly recommended to transport flame-retardant powders and in the environment where there are flammable and explosive mixtures.
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