Flame-retardant anti-static hose, flame-retardant, anti-static, and wear-resistant three-in-one function

by:Haikuo     2021-05-31
Flame-retardant anti-static hose, flame-retardant, anti-static, and wear-resistant three-in-one function
  Hangzhou Haikuo Flame Retardant Anti-static Hose is a wear-resistant and anti-static dust suction hose developed by adding flame retardants. It has the functions of flame-retardant, anti-static and wear-resistant three-in-one. The anti-static hose with good mechanical properties and meets the UL 94VO fire and flame retardant standard has passed the authoritative certification of the Guangdong National Anti-static Technology Testing Center. It is used in areas that may contain bursting mixture (burst protection, anti-explosion due to static electricity accumulation), high flow rate, high abrasive solids such as powder (aluminum powder, zinc powder, copper powder, which is easy to accumulate due to static electricity, Magnesium powder), coal; feed (such as blood meal, fish meal), chips and fine particles, gas and liquid environments, industrial vacuum cleaners, granular transport systems, printing machines, air blowers and compressors, as strong protective tubes , Anti-wear, conductive grade extraction type and conveying pipe.

   Color: Transparent, with ivory color spiral plastic reinforcement
  Temperature range: -20 °C / +100 °C, can withstand 120 °C for a short time.
  Characteristics: Polyether polyurethane pipe wall, reinforced with shockproof rigid PVC spiral plastic ribs, smooth inner wall and spiral texture on the outer surface. Lightweight, super wear-resistant and excellent anti-torsion performance. It is resistant to most chemicals and discharges static electricity through anti-static materials. Pumping and conveying of light dry food. Comply with the relevant regulations of EU food grade indicators.
  Properties: wear-resistant protection, smooth interior, good chemical resistance, good UV and ozone resistance, small bending radius, no leakage of gas and liquid.
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