Flexible between pitches of stainless steel metal hose

by:Haikuo     2021-06-19

   Every pitch between stainless steel metal hoses has many things in modern life will involve the use of stainless steel metal hoses, such as house decoration and engineering construction, this kind of hose Therefore, compared with other steel pipes, it is more widely and popular because it has ten advantages that other steel pipes can’t compare. It makes stainless steel hoses dominate in many products. Then the following metal hose manufacturers are Let us introduce these ten advantages one by one.

Metal hose manufacturer

1. Flexible pitch between stainless steel metal hoses;

Very good flexibility, it can be adjusted freely according to the objective factors of different environments, so that it has a very wide range of applications. In modern industrial fields, it is mostly used as wire and cable protection for wires, cables, and automation instrument signals. The specifications of pipes and civilian shower hoses range from 3mm to 150mm. Some of the smaller diameter stainless steel hoses are used for the protection of precision optical sensing routes.

2, the stainless steel metal hose can be stretched, no blockage and stiffness;

Although the stainless steel metal hose has the word 'metalIt will not cause the rigidity of the metal hose due to the corrosion of the external environment for a long time.

3, light weight, good caliber consistency;

The metal on the outside does not increase the weight of the metal hose, on the contrary, it has a great advantage in weight compared to the general steel pipe, which can reduce the cost of manpower and material resources wasted in the use of the hose. In addition, stainless steel metal hoses also have better caliber properties, such as good caliber standards, uniformity, stability, and flexibility. For example, a variety of interface forms are configured for the connection at both ends of the metal hose, which is more convenient to operate in actual situations and save time.

4. Good flexibility, repeatability and flexibility;

Metal hose has the rigidity of metal and the flexibility of hose, which makes it adapt to more layouts like ordinary hoses, can be bent repeatedly, and will not cause blockage and failure due to winding. unobstructed.

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