Food and beverage conveying tank truck loading and unloading hose

by:Haikuo     2021-05-27
Food and beverage transportation tank truck loading and unloading hoses, Italian food rubber hoses, food-grade PP/EPDM hoses, reinforced with steel wire and lined with high-strength polyester woven fabric. Very soft, lightweight and easy to take care of. Very resistant to weather and aging. Because it is made of special polymer, it has good safety in use and guarantees hygiene and environmental protection to the utmost extent (recyclable). Steam sterilization can be used.
  Characteristics: Color: white inner layer, red outer layer with white stripes. It is a high-quality food-grade rubber hose. In addition, the material of this hose is EPDM, so that the rubber hose can transport grease-containing animal and plant food. The inner and outer pipes are smooth and are produced in strict accordance with food-grade standards. Very soft, light weight, easy to care for, and very resistant to wind, rain and aging. It is suitable for processing a wide range of fluid foods, such as wine, juice, beer, soft drinks and some mineralized drinking water; in addition, this rubber hose can be steam sterilized at a high temperature of 130°C for 30 minutes.
  Temperature range: -35 oC / +100 oC

   Application: used for food and beverage conveying hoses, tank truck loading and unloading hoses, milk conveying, all kinds of beer, food, wine, beverages, dairy products, spices, MSG, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemicals, medicine and health and biology The suction and discharge of food fluids in engineering and other industries contains alcohol liquids with a concentration of more than 50%. Comply with EU food-grade manufacturing standards and related regulations.
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