Food grade EPDM rubber hoses are used for food liquid transportation under higher pressure and temperature environments.

by:Haikuo     2021-05-30
Food-grade EPDM rubber hose is a high-quality food-grade hose for higher pressure and temperature applications, food-grade hoses for food liquid filling, especially designed for handling large amounts of liquid food, such as wine, beer, drinking water, and water Juice, milk and milk by-products.
   Food grade rubber hose, food grade PP/EPDM hose, reinforced with steel wire and lined with high-strength polyester woven fabric. Very soft, light weight, easy to take care of, and very resistant to wind, rain and aging. Because it is made of special polymer, it has good safety in use and guarantees hygiene and environmental protection to the utmost extent (recyclable). Steam sterilization can be used. Food-grade rubber hoses are reinforced by steel wire spirals and are suitable for suction and discharge hoses. Food grade hoses with smooth and hygienic inner walls are used for unrestricted flow, such as flushing stations, coolant delivery, glycol processing and others. The suction and transportation of liquid food (non-greasy food) with an alcohol content of not more than 50%. Comply with EU food-grade manufacturing standards and related regulations.

  Color: white inner layer, red outer layer with white stripes, temperature range: -35 oC / +100 oC
  Food grade hose, food grade rubber hose, white EPDM inner tube anti-bacterial buildup, in line with FDA food grade hose standards, can be used to contact food surfaces; excellent chemical resistance makes it a lot of demanding applications The ideal corrosion-resistant food grade hose; designed for pressure suction and drainage applications; it remains pure after being used with wine, beer, drinking water, fruit juice, milk and milk by-products; the spiral steel wire is strengthened to withstand higher pressure And keep the original vacuum degree; it can handle a wider range of temperature than the standard EPDM rubber hose; it has better bending; it is ideal for processing CIP solution; it can also be steam sterilized. The structure is designed for greater bending-easy to handle bending, turning and abnormal corners; weathering, wear-resistant, fat-resistant smooth rubber outer wall; stainless steel protective sleeve to avoid hose crushing, kinking, harsh environment and Damage from friction.
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