Food Grade Hose_Beverage Filling Hose_Special Hose for Liquid Delivery of Milk Filling Truck

by:Haikuo     2021-05-28
Food filling hoses and milk filling hoses are used to transport milk, juice, beverages, animal fats, and vegetable oil products. For example, it is used for the suction and delivery of liquid food in milk tankers; the transportation and filling of various juice, milk and food additives in the food and beverage production line; the transportation of daily chemical materials such as petroleum jelly, alcohol, cosmetics, diluted solutions and various cosmetics in the daily chemical manufacturing industry ; The pharmaceutical industry transports medicaments, diluted solutions and chemicals.

   Food grade hose, beverage filling hose, food filling hose, milk filling hose, food rubber hose structure:
  Inner tube: SBR FDA certified material
   Reinforcement layer: high-strength synthetic fiber fabric (including spiral steel wire)
   Outer rubber: abrasion-resistant, weather-resistant, ozone-resistant synthetic rubber
  Working temperature:
  -40°C to +80°C, (-40°F to +176°F)
   Application: Used to extract food, such as water, juice, beverage, milk
   market: food processing, canning car, dairy processing, milk processing
  Food-grade hose, beverage filling hose, food filling hose, milk filling hose are equipped with sanitary joints at both ends (stainless steel quick-release joints can be customized), with good flexibility. For joint assembly methods and other joint suggestions, please contact our sales representative.
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