Food grade hose, Teflon inner tube, light weight, high flexibility, corrosion resistance, special hose for beverage transportation

by:Haikuo     2021-05-28
Food grade hoses, FDA food hoses, are specially designed for applications requiring 100% flow, light weight, high flexibility and high purity. The smooth inner tube is rubber-coated, which makes it easy to handle friction and chemical attack while being easy to clean. The rubber surface makes it easy for the operator to grasp and handle the hose safely. The hose is made of smooth Teflon-lined pipe, which is permanently bonded with multi-layer rubber materials through special processing, and is reinforced by polyester thread and double spiral steel wire, which has excellent bending. It can also be grounded and conductive through the spiral steel wire, and the spiral steel wire skeleton supports a complete vacuum application and can withstand negative pressure.

  The food-grade conveying hose adopts white Teflon or black conductive PTFE Teflon liner for discharging static electricity. In order to ensure that the conveying medium is continuously in contact with the Teflon of the hose assembly, the Teflon inner tube can be lined with flanging on the flange, quick-connect and union joints.
   Food grade conveying hose remarkable performance characteristics:
  1. Corrosion resistance: Teflon lining is fully resistant to the widest range of industrial chemical media, with zero corrosion rate, lower use cost and long service life.
  2. Easy to clean: Smooth and non-sticky inner tube does not accumulate bacteria, easy to use steam, disinfectant and detergent to clean.
  3. Sanitation: FDA certified materials meet or exceed 3A standard requirements.
  4. Good compatibility: does not pollute the conveying medium, and does not decompose any odor, color and taste to the medium.
  5. Good flexibility: The rubber-coated hose with excellent flexibility in the industry will not fatigue or stress damage like metal pipes.
  6. Durable: It is specially designed for long service life in harsh environments such as strong corrosion, high temperature and mechanical stress, and it will not be aging or brittle even after high temperature cycles.
Application range of    food grade conveying hose
   is used for high-grade beverage delivery hoses, especially suitable for transporting various soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, as well as other liquid beverages such as beer, fruit juice and drinking water. It is widely used in breweries, dairy plants, wineries and beverage plants, suitable for inhalation and conveying applications.
  Food grade hose structure
  Inner tube: BIIR rubber (90TR), white, odorless, tasteless, smooth, mirror and smooth.
   Reinforcement layer: high-strength multi-layer synthetic fiber, implanted with spiral metal steel wire.
  Surface: synthetic rubber, purple, abrasion resistance, atmospheric corrosion resistance, aging resistance, smooth, cloth-like surface.
  Dimensional tolerance
  Inner diameter/length: ISO1307 Wall thickness: DIN7715 T4S2
  Temperature range: -40℃+120℃ It can be steam sterilized at 130℃ for no more than 30 minutes.
  Working pressure: 10bar
  Safety factor: ≥3 times working pressure
  Quality Standards: Compliance with FDA standards; Passed Italian D.M.21/03/73 food grade certification
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