Food grade hoses are especially suitable for various conveying in the food industry

by:Haikuo     2021-06-26
The food-grade silicone braided hose has the smoothest inner cavity, which reduces the possibility of adsorbing particles or bacterial residue; the smallest extractability helps to maintain the integrity of liquid transmission; it holds the certification documents of biocompatibility in accordance with ISO10993 ; Comply with USP CLASS VI, FDA, NSF51 and 3-A standards. Widely used in beer, food, brewing, beverages, toothpaste, fine chemicals, medicine and hygiene, bioengineering, food processing, ultra-pure liquid transmission, cell culture, drug delivery, disinfection liquid delivery, peristaltic pump, veterinary medicine, food and beverage delivery. At the same time, 316L pharmaceutical grade stainless steel joints are provided at both ends of the silicone tube.

   food grade hose, food grade silicone hose product introduction:
  All food hygiene products of Hangzhou Haikuo are made of platinum silica gel, which is strong and durable;
  The automated processing in the dust-free workshop complies with international regulations;
  Good pressure resistance and flexibility, small bending radius;
   steam sterilization (40min.3bar, 124℃) or radioactive sterilization;
   Note: Do not continue to inject steam;
   product features:
   Hose material: Dow Corning silicone material;
  Reinforcement method: special braid and double metal wire reinforcement;
  Standard length: 6m/piece (±2%);
  Working temperature: -60℃~+180℃;
   certification system: FDA, USP certification;
  Application areas:
   Food grade silicone hose is especially suitable for various transportation (including dynamic applications), metering, vibration and filling occasions in the food industry. Applicable to various media in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industries Meet the needs of usp pharmaceutical grade. Meet the needs of all aspects of the pharmaceutical industry. Such as reaction, fermentation, extraction, concentration, solvent recovery, weighing and other application links.
   Food grade silicone hose can withstand extreme temperature, compression, chemicals, ozone, radiation, humidity and environmental exposure; it does not decompose any odor or taste to the solution medium; it meets the 3-A sanitary standards and the U.S. Drug and Food Administration (FDA) Chapter 21, 177.2600, and NSF51 standards. At the same time, both ends of the silicone tube can provide 316L sanitary stainless steel joints. And the joint polishing degree RA<0.4 or 0.6, etc. At the same time machine polishing, electrolytic polishing, etc. Can be customized into an assembly with joints on both sides according to customer requirements!
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