Food grade PVC transparent steel wire hose is a new generation of ideal food liquid conveying hose

by:Haikuo     2021-05-30
Food-grade hose, food-grade steel wire tube inner and outer walls are transparent, smooth, without bubbles, fluid transportation is clearly visible; resistant to low concentration acid and alkali, high elasticity, not easy to aging, long service life; resistant to high pressure, can maintain the original state under high pressure vacuum . High-elasticity, high-strength galvanized metal wire, high-quality PVC synthetic material; clear and transparent pipe body, good flexibility, small bending radius; high negative pressure, corrosion resistance, non-toxic materials, long service life; suitable for food, pharmaceutical and The transportation of liquid media in the cosmetics industry, such as the transportation of wine, juice, vinegar, white wine, red wine, milk, and liquid food, can also be used for the transportation of oily food.
   Food-grade steel wire pipe, PVC transparent steel wire hose, food-grade plastic hose is a transparent PVC hose embedded with threaded metal steel wire, the inner and outer pipe walls are uniform and smooth, without bubbles. It has the advantages of pressure resistance, oil resistance, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good flexibility, no embrittlement, and resistance to aging. It can replace ordinary rubber reinforced pipes, PE pipes, soft and hard PVC pipes and some metal pipes. This product satisfies the demand for new pipe materials in machinery, petroleum, chemical, defense industry, manufacturing and other industries. It has been used by many manufacturers with good results. It is not only easy to observe the fluid operating conditions in the pipeline, but also solves the problems of rubber aging and falling off during the use of the rubber tube. It is a new generation of ideal liquid delivery hose, and its performance indicators have reached the international advanced level.

  Food grade hose, food grade steel wire tube, PVC transparent steel wire hose is odorless and tasteless, good mineral oil resistance; good alkali metal and acid resistance, excellent chemical resistance; small bending radius, not easy Kink; does not contain softener and halogen, gas and liquid does not leak; meets RoHS regulations, can discharge static electricity, and ground through spiral wire; smooth inside to optimize flow characteristics; retractable.
   Food-grade steel wire hose spiral elastic steel wire is deeply implanted into the wall of the tube, the inner and outer walls are smooth, and the wall thickness is about 3~8 mm, depending on the diameter; the food-grade steel hose is smooth inside and outside, and can be stretched; Resistant to high pressure, vacuum and compression, with high axial strength; food-grade pipe wall conforms to: EC regulation 2002/72/EC including the last revised 2007/19/EC; good alkali metal and acid resistance, good chemical resistance Performance, good anti-ultraviolet and ozone performance; no leakage of gas and liquid, pressure resistance, vacuum sealing, strong toughness, in line with RoHS regulations, and discharge of static electricity through spiral wire grounding.
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