Food-grade rubber pipe joint leakage prevention, leakage reasons and joint installation precautions

by:Haikuo     2021-05-30
Food-grade rubber pipe joint leakage prevention
   Food-grade rubber hoses are prone to leaks in hydraulic systems, whether they are metal pipe joints or hose joints. For bite-type pipe joints, most of the pipes are subjected to greater external force or impact, which causes the pipe to loosen or the pipe end surface is deformed and cause leakage. At this time, check whether the pipe is out of round, whether the cutting edge is defective, and whether the pipe end is It is intact and the compression degree of the ferrule nut, etc., and the external force of the pipe must be eliminated at the same time. For flared pipe joints, mostly due to excessive flaring, substandard quality or multiple disassembly, resulting in flaring deformation or cracks, etc., causing leakage. At this time, the front end can be cut off and flared again. If the male and female cone top pressure is used for sealing, the leakage is mostly due to the damage of the two cone surfaces, and the cone surface can be ground with abrasive sand. In some occasions where an 'о' ring is used to seal against the end face or outer diameter.
  Food grade rubber hose, the reason for the leakage of food rubber pipe joints
   There are several reasons for the leakage of food-grade rubber pipe joints: 'о' ring is aging or deformed to cause leakage; 'о' ring is not assembled in place, so that the two planes are not pressed flat or the 'о' ring is Cutting causes leakage; 'о'-shaped ring is not compacted, and the amount of elastic deformation is insufficient to cause leakage; 'о'-shaped ring is too deep to cause leakage. In this regard, it is necessary to re-select the 'о' ring with the same outer diameter and thicker cross-section, or cut or grind the sealing surface with the spigot groove to reduce the depth of the spigot groove to make the 'о' The ring has enough elastic deformation (compression should generally be between 0.35-0.65mm). For leaks at pipe joints using oil-resistant rubber sheets, wool felt, mild steel cardboard, combined sealing gaskets or sealants, no matter what the material is, first check the seals for damage, deformation, aging, and excessive roughness, etc. , And then take appropriate measures.

  Food grade rubber pipe, food rubber pipe joint installation matters
  (1) The food rubber tube should not be bent excessively when it is moving or at rest, nor can it be bent at the root, but should be bent at least 1.5 times its diameter;
   (2) When the food rubber tube is moved to an extreme position, it should not be pulled too tightly, it should be loose;
  (3) Try to avoid the torsional deformation of the hose;
  (4) Keep away from heat radiating components as much as possible, and heat insulation board is necessary;
  (5) The external damage of the hose should be avoided, such as long-term friction on the surface of the same component during use;
  (6) If the hose is excessively deformed due to its own weight, there should be support parts.
  Hangzhou Haikuo Food Grade Hose, Food Grade Rubber Hose, Food Rubber Hose Introduction
   Brand and Country of Origin: THOR Italy
  Application range: This butyl rubber hose can transport high-concentration alcohol, and is also suitable for absorbing and transporting drinking water, red wine, alcoholic beverages, 92% pure alcohol, non-alcoholic beverages, oily foods, milk and milk Products. Whether it is used as an alcohol delivery hose or other purposes, we guarantee that the hose meets European standards and FDA standards.
   Hose structure:
   hose inner layer: white smooth butyl rubber, odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, food quality.
   Reinforcement layer: high elastic braided layer with spiral inlay.
   Outer layer: blue smooth rubber, temperature resistant, ozone resistant, vegetable oil resistant, abrasion resistant, waterproof cloth textile surface.
  Color: Blue
  Temperature range:-30 °C + 90 °C
  Size inner diameter: 13MM-76MM
   Features: Food-grade rubber hose, high-strength fiber mesh and spiral steel wire reinforcement. Very soft, light weight, easy to care for, and very resistant to wind, rain and aging. It is suitable for processing a wide range of fluid foods, such as wine, juice, beer, soft drinks and some mineralized drinking water; in addition, this rubber hose can be steam sterilized at a high temperature of 130°C for 30 minutes.
  Production standards: in line with US FDA standards and German BGA/BgVV standards
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