Food grade rubber tube assembly meets food safety certification, special for food liquid medium transportation

by:Haikuo     2021-05-30
Food-grade rubber hose imported from Italy, hygienic food delivery hose assembly meets food safety certification, special for delivery of dairy, milk, beverage, food and liquid media
   Significant features: no plasticizer, no animal-derived inner tube, prevent the spread of bacteria, and ensure that there will be no contact pollution to the conveyed product. The synthetic material on the surface of the hose is resistant to common cleaning agents and has good resistance to atmospheric erosion and aging.
  •Hose structure: inner tube: NBR rubber (Buna rubber, NAB90), white, food grade, odorless, tasteless, smooth, and mirror smooth.
   Reinforcement layer: high-strength multi-layer synthetic fiber, implanted with spiral metal steel wire.
  Surface: synthetic rubber, blue, abrasion resistance, atmospheric erosion resistance, aging resistance, smooth, cloth-like surface.
  •Temperature range: -20°C to +90°C /It can be steam sterilized at a temperature of 130°C for no more than 30 minutes.
  •Working pressure: 10 bar. 3 times the safety factor.
  •Quality standards: in line with FDA standards; passed the German BfR and Italian D.M.21/03/73 certification.

  Food grade rubber tube is very soft, lightweight, easy to care for, and very resistant to wind, rain and aging. Passed EU food hygiene certification, imported from Italy, in line with FDA specifications, can be used safely and safely for food purposes, absolutely free of organic plasticizers (DOP, DINP), phthalates and latex additives (through the country's most Strict GB-70098 plasticizer-free certification and food-grade certification); does not decompose any odor and taste; the smooth inner wall does not stick to water; it can be sterilized by high temperature and high pressure; it is resistant to high heat and cold.
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