Food-grade silicone hose has a low internal rubber decomposition rate and can withstand large negative pressure. It is an ideal suction food-grade hose

by:Haikuo     2021-05-29
Food-grade silicone hose can withstand large negative pressure, is an ideal suction food-grade hose, spiral silicone hose provides a smaller bending radius, easy to operate and use, suitable for pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetics and food Industrial applications such as processing.
   Food silicone hose has a low internal glue decomposition rate and is produced in our certified clean room. It is widely used in biomedical rooms, ultra-pure liquid transmission, cell culture, drug delivery, sterile liquid filling and transmission, peristalsis Pump, veterinary medicine, food and beverage transmission, high-grade sanitary hose. After a large number of physical, chemical and biological tests, it has reached the standards of USP Class VI, FDA CFR 177.2600, ISO 10993, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1.9 and 3A.
   For a long time, the silicone tubes purchased by large domestic pharmaceutical factories and laboratory equipment have all used imported sanitary silicone tubes. However, due to the long production cycle and high price of foreign silicone tubes, it has brought great inconvenience to customers. Hangzhou Haikuo specializes in introducing silicone tube production equipment from Germany and internationally advanced silicone refining and production technology. Now the production of silicone tubes can fully meet the ultra-high temperature, low temperature and other special requirements of domestic pharmaceutical factories, medical equipment and laboratories.
  Shenzhen Hangzhou Haikuo Food Energy Silicone Hose is continuously expanding its production scale and scope of production. The products cover most of the factories and workshops in the country, in order to better serve customers, let customers come with joy and return with satisfaction. Our company classifies and introduces the production caliber, wall thickness, length and other hose specifications of different food-grade silicone hoses in detail, and introduces some problems frequently encountered in hoses in detail. It is also equipped with online customer service to answer all kinds of questions for customers in an all-round way.

Detailed explanation of the performance of    food grade silicone hose
  Four layers of polyester fabric, steel wire spiral reinforcement, in line with US FDA standards;
   The inner and outer walls of the hose are smooth and have no dead ends, which is easy to clean;
   low decomposition rate silica gel is suitable for pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetic, and food processing applications;
   can be used for complete vacuum;
   Resistance to pressure rupture and kinking;
   is durable and can withstand strong pressure;
   Translucent allows visual monitoring of the medium flow;
   The usual operating temperature range: from -73.3° C to 204.4° C;
   can be sterilized by CIP, SIP or radiation or autoclave;
   Withstand extreme temperature, compression, chemicals, ozone, radiation, humidity and environmental erosion;
   does not decompose any odor and taste to the solution medium;
   is produced in a strictly controlled environment following GMP requirements;
   To keep clean, the hose is sealed in a transparent polyethylene bag;
   90 or 45 degree corner thermoforming and coiled hose can be produced according to requirements;
  Specify length, size and packaging can be produced according to requirements
  Press the sanitary quick coupling, SMS standard, DIN standard and other threaded joints according to demand, can be equipped with hose clamp, material 316L;
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