Food grade silicone hose is a tube for packaging machinery and filling machinery for liquid transmission.

by:Haikuo     2021-06-27
Filling machine silicone tube, food-grade silicone hose is made of bio-pharmaceutical-grade elastomer. It is designed to have the largest curvature when used in the liquid transmission, packaging machine\filling and the transfer of steam and air in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturing process. ; It does not decompose any smell and taste while being tear-resistant; non-sticky makes it ideal for use in medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industries. Filling machine hose, food-grade silicone hose is platinum vulcanized silicone hose, without any additives; inhibits particle aggregation and encrustation, resistant to tearing; widely used in laboratories, filling machines, packaging machines, ultra-pure Liquid delivery, cell culture, drug delivery, sterile liquid filling and delivery, peristaltic pump, veterinary medicine, food and beverage delivery, dairy products.

  Hangzhou Haikuo food-grade silicone hose is made of high-quality silicone rubber, processed by scientific formula and advanced technology. It has excellent aging resistance, good resilience, and can be bent at will. It has passed the international food hygiene FDA 21 CFR 177.2600 Certified, can maintain the original performance in the harsh environment of high and low temperature without too much influence, and there are few organic precipitates. Fully comply with the specifications of the twenty-third edition of the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), level VI; beyond the 3-A sanitary standards and the United States Drug and Food Administration (FDA certification) Chapter 21, section 177.2600 specifications, with an ultra-smooth inner cavity Reduces the chance of adsorbing particles and accumulating microorganisms. It is 3 times smoother than other hoses and helps to clean and disinfect the entire system. It is insoluble in water and any solvents, non-toxic and tasteless, chemically stable, except for strong alkalis and hydrofluoric acid. It does not react with any substance outside, has high adsorption performance, good thermal stability, stable chemical properties, high mechanical strength, etc., suitable for use in laboratories, ultra-pure liquid transmission, cell culture, drug delivery, sterile liquid filling and Transmission, peristaltic pump, veterinary medicine, food and beverage transmission, dairy products; pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetics, food processing applications.
   Food-grade silicone hose is the best filling machine on the market, the special silicone hose for packaging machine transmission, can be used to pump various liquid medicines, blood products, reagents, hydrophobic inner surface, high fluidity, Smooth inner wall, low adsorption, low precipitation, high biocompatibility, non-toxic and odorless, extremely soft, milky white, translucent, best elasticity, excellent biocompatibility, odorless, non-toxic, and will not cause The conveying fluid generates odor, has excellent low temperature application performance, and is resistant to weathering, ozone, corona, and radiation. It cannot be used in high-concentration organic solvents. Oils and acids have relatively high gas permeability. It is ideal for medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industries.
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