Food-grade silicone hoses are made of non-toxic materials that meet FDA food-grade certification standards, and are widely used for various food transportation purposes

by:Haikuo     2021-05-29
Food-grade silicone hose, made of non-toxic materials that meet FDA food-grade certification standards, is widely used in various food transportation
   Food-grade hose, food-grade silicone hose has a transparent body, good elasticity, strong resilience, good strength, resistance to oil, grease and fuel; excellent resistance to weathering, tearing, compression and radiation, and abrasion resistance Good performance. A wide range of temperature-resistant food-grade hoses: -95°F to 185°F (ester); ester-based materials do not contain any plasticizers that can cause solution contamination and hose hardening; can be heat sealed and hot rolled , Food-grade hoses for thermal assembly and thermal bonding applications.
   food grade hose is suitable for wire outsourcing, computer disk drives, control instruments, particle conversion industry, grease industry, insulation sheet, measuring pump, nuclear power facility, oxygen and other gas industry, pressure measuring device, robot, cement mixing, Small engine fuel industry, clean solution conversion, pollution solution conversion, vacuum equipment, flushing and buffering machines.

   Food-grade silicone hose is made of non-toxic ingredients that meet FDA standards; it is resistant to kinking and deformation; can be used to handle high pressure and complete vacuum; it is certified by the national independent authoritative testing agency to meet the EC 2002/72/EC regulations, absolutely not Contains harmful substances such as organic plasticizers, phthalates and latex additives, has good negative pressure resistance, can maintain its original shape under vacuum, has super high strength and super long service life and other performance characteristics. Antibacterial and hydrolysis, very good chemical resistance, extreme abrasion resistance, high-performance food-grade hoses have passed a lot of physical, chemical and biological tests, and reach USP Class VI, FDA CFR 177.2600, ISO10993, NSF 51, European Pharmacopoeia 3.1. 9 and 3A standards. It can be applied to factories, farmland irrigation, coal mines, oil depots, wineries, liquid food and sand pumping, sand blasting equipment suction, discharge, vending machines, ice shavers, refrigerators and other equipment, but also transportation The best choice of white wine, red wine, beer and wine.
  The food-grade silicone hose has the smoothest inner cavity, which can reduce the possibility of adsorbing particles or bacterial residues. It has the smallest extractability and helps maintain the integrity of liquid transmission. It is compatible with ISO 10993 standard biocompatibility; it meets USP CLASS VI, FDA and NSF51 and 3-A standards; it meets ISO10993 medical device biocompatibility standards. The ultra-smooth inner cavity can reduce adsorption particles and accumulation The probability of microorganisms is 3 times smoother than other hoses, and helps to clean and disinfect the entire system. High-performance food-grade hoses are widely used in beer, food, brewing, beverages, toothpaste, fine chemicals, medicine and hygiene, and bioengineering. , Food processing, ultra-pure liquid delivery, cell culture, drug delivery, sterile liquid delivery, peristaltic pump, veterinary medicine, food and beverage delivery.
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