Food-grade silicone steel wire pipe meets food hygiene standards and will not pollute the food being transported

by:Haikuo     2021-06-27
Food-grade silicone steel wire hose, food-grade silicone hose fully comply with the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) twenty-third edition of the sixth level; beyond the 3-A sanitary standards and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in line with ISO10993 medical device biology Compatibility standards. Food-grade silicone steel wire hoses must not contain harmful substances such as organic plasticizers, phthalates, latex additives, etc., and must not affect the properties of medicines, and must not pollute the conveyed food and endanger human health.
   Food-grade silicone steel wire hose, food-grade silicone hose can be used with smooth and wrinkled outer walls; low decomposition rate silicone is suitable for pharmaceutical, biomedical, cosmetics, and food processing applications. The inner tube is made of high-purity platinum vulcanized silica gel material; hardness 70A; can be used for full vacuum; resistance to cracking, kinking; durable, withstand strong pressure. Translucent allows visual monitoring of media flow; two types are available: smooth outer wall or pleated outer wall for higher elasticity; normal operating temperature range: from -100° F (-73.3° C) to 400° F (204.4°) C); can be sterilized by CIP, SIP or radiation or autoclave; endure extreme temperature, compression, chemicals, ozone, radiation, humidity and environmental exposure; does not decompose any odor and taste to the solution medium; the stock is 15 meters Length; produced in a tightly controlled environment and strict good manufacturing procedures; sealed in a transparent polyethylene bag for cleanliness during production.

   Food grade silicone hose is widely used in beverage, beer, food industry, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, biochemical laboratory and other fields. For example, it is used for the suction and delivery of liquid food in milk tankers; the transportation and filling of various juice, milk and food additives in the food and beverage production line; the transportation of petroleum jelly, alcohol, cosmetics, diluted solutions and other daily chemical materials and various cosmetics in the daily chemical manufacturing industry ;Pharmaceutical industry transports medicines, diluted solutions and chemicals. FDA food-grade silicone tube is equipped with sanitary joints at both ends (stainless steel quick-release joints can be customized), which has good flexibility. The tube product application: suitable for pipelines in beer, food, brewing, beverages, dairy products, spices, monosodium glutamate, cosmetics, toothpaste, fine chemicals, medicine and health, and bioengineering industries.
   Food-grade silicone hose, food-grade silicone steel wire hose is the best food filling and transmission special silicone hose on the market. It can be used for pumping various liquid medicines, blood products, reagents, and has a hydrophobic inner surface. High performance, smooth inner wall, low adsorption, low precipitation, high biocompatibility, non-toxic and tasteless, extremely soft, milky white, translucent, best elasticity, excellent biocompatibility, odorless and non-toxic, Will not cause the transmission fluid to produce odor, excellent low-temperature application performance, weather resistance, ozone, corona, and radiation. It cannot be used in high-concentration organic solvents. Oils and acids have relatively high gas permeability. It is ideal for medical, semiconductor, cosmetics, food and beverage and dairy industries.
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