Food grade wine hose has passed SGS testing center FDA and national 18 plasticizer tests

by:Haikuo     2021-06-26
Food grade wine hose is one of the necessary equipment for wineries. Food grade wine hose without plasticizer has become the necessary piping equipment for today’s wineries. The original wine hoses on the market are basically plastic hoses. The material is made of plasticizer. Hangzhou Haikuo uses environmentally friendly TPU material, which is a special top-level polyether-polyurethane (E-PUR) material approved by the US FDA’s authoritative quality inspection institute, which can be used for a long time. And it can completely solve food safety problems, and it can maintain good flexibility at extremely low temperatures, with ultra-high strength and ultra-long service life.
   Our food-grade hose, food-grade steel wire hose, and food-grade wine hose have all passed the country’s most stringent GB9684-2011 plasticizer-free certification and GB13115-91 food-grade certification, food-grade wine hose Lightweight, soft, good elasticity, corrosion resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high transparency, non-toxic and tasteless, small bending radius, good negative pressure resistance, and can maintain the original shape under vacuum. It is one of the plasticizer-free food grade hoses. It is widely used in various food, beverage and water transmission hoses, ultra-pure liquid transmission, red wine, wine, rice wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages, sterilization liquid filling and transmission, food and juice beverage transmission, dairy products and other industries Food fluid suction and discharge, including 50% or more alcohol liquid pressure delivery and vacuum extraction.

   Food grade steel wire hose has the properties of tensile resistance, strong tension, high tear strength, abrasion resistance, bending resistance, penetration resistance, low temperature resistance, hydrolysis resistance, etc., non-toxic and tasteless, and food materials are not It can decompose any odors, the inside of the pipe wall is smooth, the fluidity is superior, the pipe wall is highly transparent, and the medium flow in the pipe can be observed. It has strong wear resistance and good pressure resistance. It can discharge static electricity through the grounding of the spiral steel wire.
   has passed SGS testing center FDA and national 18 plasticizer testing, which can be widely used in food, wine, beverage and sanitation industries. It is the best pipe for conveying food, beverage, milk, jam, high-concentration alcohol and other media.
  Temperature range: -35—90°C, can reach 120° in a short time (3 hours)
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