Food rubber hose is a multi-purpose food suction hose

by:Haikuo     2021-05-30
Food rubber hose is a multi-purpose food hose specially designed for extracting and transporting acids, alkalis, ketones, aromatic aldehydes, esters, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and aliphatics (limited to anti-chlorinated hydrocarbons). It is also suitable for food-grade hoses for the suction of animal and plant foods and alcoholic beverages. The inner tube is made of white SANITR natural rubber, the reinforcing layer is made of high-tensile fiber, high-strength weaving and winding steel wire, and the hose surface is made of red modified clear rubber-anti-wear and ozone. Food-grade hoses, food-grade certified hoses, and food rubber hoses are widely used in beverage, beer, food industry, medical equipment, pharmaceutical machinery, biochemical laboratories and other fields. For example, it is used for the suction and delivery of liquid food in milk tankers; the transportation and filling of various juice, milk and food additives in the food and beverage production line; the transportation of daily chemical materials such as petroleum jelly, alcohol, cosmetics, diluted solutions and various cosmetics in the daily chemical manufacturing industry ; The pharmaceutical industry transports medicaments, diluted solutions and chemicals. The suction and transportation of liquid food (non-greasy food) with an alcohol content of not more than 50%. Comply with EU food-grade manufacturing standards and related regulations.

   Food grade rubber hose inner layer: ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene, white, smooth, food grade, abrasion resistant, in line with the standards of the US Food and Drug Administration.
   Reinforcement layer: High elastic braid, embedded spiral copper wire. Special blue rubber, wear-resistant, ozone-resistant, weather-resistant, smooth woven surface food hose.
  Food grade rubber steel wire pipe reinforcement: 16 bar
   Food grade hose marked burst pressure: 48 bar
  Temperature: Food grade hose, temperature and concentration of transmission medium: Refer to the anti-chemical table. -25 °C. A maximum of 130 °C can be reached in 30 minutes in an open system.
   Typeface: UHMWPE F.D.A. FOOD QUALITY S/D –W.P.16 BAR – 225 PSI (yellow font)
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