GMP standard_GMP basic operating principles

by:Haikuo     2021-06-24
GMP standard
   Since 2010, IPL has voluntarily adopted the EU 2023/2006 regulations published by the European Regulatory Organization on December 22, 2006, which is known as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice).
   This important decision means a thorough reorganization of production for those products that come into contact with food and pharmaceutical substances.
  With this, IPL can assure customers the reliability, high quality and safety of products.
  The basic operating principles of GMP:
  • Clearly regulate and control the manufacturing process.
  • Any changes must be evaluated.
  • Instructions and procedures must be clearly and clearly recorded. (Filed intact).
  • Perform operator training and save program files
  • Record the production process, prove that all procedures are carried out in accordance with regulations and ensure quality accordingly. Investigate and document deviations.
  • Complete production (underwriting channel) records, understandable and accessible at any time.
  • Traceability system for any batch of products.
  • Check complaints, investigate the causes of quality defects, and take appropriate measures to prevent recurrence.
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