Good advice for you without peeling glue hose joints Liyuan Fluid Equipment Manufacturing

by:Haikuo     2021-06-18

The washer is bounced off the non-peeling rubber hose by the reaction effect of the spring The joints give you a good suggestion for Liyuan fluid equipment manufacturing [Liyuan wjnchlm]

Single-way open-close type. When not connected, when the ferrule of the mother body is moved to the other side, the bead of the stainless steel quick connector can roll outward on its own, and the child body is bounced by the reaction effect of the spring, and it can be closed and blocked by itself. Its flow. When connecting, when the child body is inserted on the side of the mother body where the ferrule exists, it is opened to make it flow, the washer is pushed back to the starting place by the effect of the spring, and its beads will be locked to ensure the connection of the child/parent body , The gasket inside can completely block its leakage.

The requirements for the installation of joint fittings are as follows

The requirements for installation of joint fittings are as follows: ①The pipes that need pickling should be pickled according to the requirements; ② Use a saw or pipe cutter to cut the pipe according to the required length. It is not allowed to use melting (such as flame cutting) or grinding wheel cutting; remove the inner and outer round burrs, metal chips and dirt of the pipe end; remove the rust inhibitor and dirt of the pipe joint; at the same time The roundness of the pipe must also be ensured; ③Insert the nut and ferrule into the pipe one after the other, with the front edge (small diameter end) of the ferrule at least 3mm away from the pipe mouth, and then insert the pipe into the taper hole in the connector body until it stops;

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