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by:Haikuo     2021-05-26

It is difficult to purchase hydraulic hoses. The installation is also a problem. The piping system of hydraulic hoses is intricate and complicated. Each pipe needs to be considered during installation to avoid damage to the hydraulic pipes caused by twisting, forced stretching and friction. However, many companies do not have a dedicated hydraulic system installation department, so they often make some mistakes during installation. Here are some precautions for installing hydraulic hoses:


First of all, the length of the hydraulic hose.

The degree of hydraulic hose is not static, it will be changed by external factors. For example, under the pressure impact of the material being transported, it will become longer. It can also be judged according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction. When it is cold, it will contract to a certain extent. Therefore, we must ensure that the hose after installation must maintain a certain degree of slack, not overly tight, nor too slack to affect the appearance. Then there is the bending problem of the hose.

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The hose has excellent bending resistance and fatigue resistance. Various specifications of wire braided winding high-pressure hoses and assemblies are mainly used in construction machinery, oilfield drilling, mining machinery, hoisting machinery, metallurgy, machine tool equipment, etc.

A full set of hydraulic piping systems can be provided: withholding type hose assembly in the hydraulic system (withholding type hydraulic hose assembly, withholding type high pressure tubing general term, withholding type hydraulic tubing assembly)

Hose (hose) assembly is an auxiliary device commonly used in hydraulic systems. It is made of high-pressure steel wire braided or wound rubber hose and steel parts joints are crimped by equipment. It is used to connect various hydraulic components in the hydraulic system. It is mainly used for hydraulic power transmission under the working temperature of -40℃ to +100℃. Or transport water, gas, oil and other high-pressure media to ensure liquid circulation and transfer liquid energy.

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Our company can produce all kinds of hydraulic rubber hoses:

1. The high-pressure steel wire braided hose used in the hydraulic transmission system is produced in accordance with SAE/DIN/JIS/BS/IS0/EN and other advanced foreign standards, national standards, industry standards and corporate standards.

2. Production of steel wire wound hoses for hydraulic transmission systems, which can execute SAE/DIN/EN national standards/corporate standards.

3. High pressure drilling hose for oil drilling system.

4. Under pressure, hoses for conveying various materials, such as water, compressed air, oil, acid and alkali, Hose for conveying food, sand blasting, steam conveying, etc.

5. The hose is used to attract various materials under the action of negative pressure. Such as industrial water absorption, agricultural light water absorption, air absorption, oil absorption, acid and alkali absorption, sand absorption, product and other hoses.

6. Two-purpose hose for suction and drainage. Such as multi-purpose suction pipes, suction pipes, etc. for draining water, draining mud, draining oil, and discharging products.

7. Special purpose hoses: various heavy-duty suction hoses with flange joints, oxygen blowing hoses for steel furnaces, and holes for construction Rubber hoses, diesel locomotive oil pipes for railways, rubber fenders for docks and ships.

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