High-speed rail sewage suction pipe, high-speed train sewage suction pipe-to create a clean and comfortable environment for passengers

by:Haikuo     2021-06-25
On the train, the staff often turned away from the toilet door because of an internal emergency but because they were approaching the station. Many passengers have this experience. With the development of railway construction, the environment for traveling by trains has also been greatly improved. High-speed rail EMUs have come to us, and high-speed rail passengers will no longer have to suffer from this because the high-speed rail is equipped with a 'toilet collector'. For this reason, the high-speed rail sewage suction pipes and the high-speed train sewage suction pipes are in the dirtiest and most smelly positions to create a clean and comfortable ride environment for passengers. Perhaps many friends' methods of treating urine and feces on trains are still in the era when they are directly discharged onto the rails. But now, if you observe carefully in normal times, you will find that the trains passing by and the rails are spotless and clean as ever. This depends on our modern pollution absorption methods.

   The author saw at Shenzhen North Railway Station that as the train emptied in, the cleanup of the train toilet had begun. Many sewage suction workers are busy.
   According to observations, there are three steps to suction sewage. Pull the sewage suction pipe out of the sewage suction pump, put it on the motor car, and open the gate valve. Among them, pay attention to the locks to prevent leakage of sewage and dirt.
   The sewage of the train is not drawn in by manually opening the urinal, but is sucked into the underground sewage pipe by the suction pipe using vacuum negative pressure. There is a square opening on the side of the train compartment. Open the iron cover. There are two tubular connections, one large and one small. The larger one is the sewage outlet.

   The sewage suction workers picked up the sewage suction pipe and docked it with the sewage tank drain port on the carriage, locked it firmly, opened the valve, activated the vacuum pump, and the sewage suction work officially began. Because the sewage and dirt are in a fully enclosed state, no odor or dirt can be seen around the compartment.
   During the Spring Festival, the sewage suction workers work in groups of two, and they only have 20 minutes to absorb all the dirt from the 8 carriages. The suction will weigh at least 5 tons a day. This is a challenge for the sewage suction pipe. It needs to have high pressure, light weight, small bending radius, flexibility and lightness, convenient technical design, production and installation, high elasticity, high elongation, high strength, resistance to mineral oil, It is resistant to chemicals, has excellent ozone and weather resistance, and can still maintain good softness and other excellent properties at low temperatures. Only with these properties can we ensure the normal completion of the pollution absorption work of the high-speed rail EMUs. And the high-performance PU steel wire hose is fully capable of this arduous job!
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