High temperature air circulation in factory workshops, computer rooms, basements, hot and cold air exchange special high-temperature air ducts

by:Haikuo     2021-06-25
As the high temperature weather in summer gets longer and longer, the temperature in many factories has become very high, generally more than 40 degrees, so if we work at such a high temperature, it will cause physical discomfort or appear. Heatstroke. Therefore, ventilation is something that must be done. The best of general ventilation is the exchange of heat and cold, through the exchange of hot air and cold air, so that there is no problem. This requires a high-temperature air duct.
   We generally use composite high temperature air duct as the main air duct material. It is constructed using a sandwich layer mode. The inner layer in the middle of the high-temperature air duct is a foam material, and the inner and outer layers are thickened surface embossed aluminum foil, which forms the style of the sandwich panel. This design allows When the air is exchanged and circulated, it can greatly reduce the noise it makes, and it can also maintain a stable temperature and humidity, so that the quality of the exchanged air becomes very good. This is when the cold or warm air is delivered, the best heat preservation performance can be achieved. However, this high-temperature air duct is essentially different from the general air duct. It is lighter, more beautiful in appearance, and has better thermal insulation performance. So choosing to use this duct is a wise choice.
   There are many forms of air ducts we see now, and different forms are made of different materials. General high temperature resistant air ducts are fireproof, non-combustible, easy to manufacture, high temperature air ducts have smooth inner walls, low resistance, good air tightness, and high pressure-bearing strength; convenient on-site operation and high pressure-bearing strength: high strength and static pressure resistance It has the characteristics of strong ability, easy handling, and no damage caused by collision. These characteristics are great for our company. With summer, the room will not be very hot. Compared with the previous air conditioner, it saves a lot of energy and helps There is a lot of money under the enterprise, so the role of air duct is still very large.
   In the past, air ducts used to transport air, and they were all air-conditioning. And now some companies have invented high-temperature air ducts, which have good high-temperature resistance and are well received in many fields. They are all used in ventilation ducts, and are generally installed in computer rooms, basements, mechanical engineering, mining ventilation equipment, Air supply and exhaust in harsh working environments such as fire fighting and smoke exhaust, dust collection, high temperature resistance and air exhaust. If the previous air duct is used, it is impossible to achieve this effect. This high-temperature air duct has good resistance to strong acids and alkalis, good chemical resistance, easy to carry, oleic acid resistance and flame retardant; any bending radius is about It is equal to the outer diameter, can discharge static electricity, and the spiral wire is grounded, which brings great convenience to installation. Air has always been the gas that we humans must breathe. If you do not carry out air circulation and transportation in a sealed situation, composite materials will have the possibility of suffocation, so now many people install them in places with poor air. The wind pipe, otherwise life will be in danger.
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