High temperature exhaust pipe High temperature air pipe is used for industrial dust removal and suction

by:Haikuo     2021-05-26
High temperature exhaust pipe, high temperature air pipe for industrial dust removal and suction
  High-temperature exhaust pipe, high-temperature air pipe applications: engine exhaust extraction; abrasive solids, such as dust and fibers; active media, such as steam and smoke, industrial dust removal and suction, chemical industry.
  Characteristics: Hangzhou Haikuo high temperature air duct is extremely cost-effective; anti-vibration; external wear protection through spiral wire, good alkali resistance and acid resistance, good flame retardancy; strong toughness; bending radius is about the same as the outer diameter the same.
  High temperature exhaust pipe, high temperature duct structure: CP structure, pipe wall material: special high temperature fiber coating; spiral wire, stainless steel (VA).
  Temperature range: about -60℃ to +300℃; the outer layer is protected by a strong steel ring, which can be dragged on the ground without wearing the air duct. In addition, it can withstand the heavy pressure of the object. Fireproof and waterproof .Anti-acid and alkali.
  Color: green, blue, red, gray, etc.;

   This product is a patented product of Hangzhou Haikuo, and it is strictly prohibited to prevent counterfeiting
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