High-temperature-resistant air duct, fire-retardant and flame-retardant ventilation and exhaust ducts for high-temperature ventilation operations in harsh environments

by:Haikuo     2021-06-06
High temperature resistant air duct is a kind of ventilation and exhaust duct that can be used for high temperature ventilation in various high temperature and high pressure harsh environments for a long time. It is especially suitable for suction hoses that require flame retardancy, such as solids such as dust and fibers, and gaseous media such as Steam and smoke; factory suction and dust removal, exhaust gas emissions, blower exhaust gas emissions and welding gas emissions. High temperature resistant air duct, high temperature resistant vent pipe adopts double-layer structure, has good heat resistance, and is stretchable; the outside is protected from wear by the spiral wire, and the external steel wire is tightly clamped on the pipe wall, which is not easy to kink, and has strong toughness High cost performance; anti-vibration; external wear protection through spiral wire, good alkali resistance and acid resistance, good flame retardancy; strong toughness; bending radius is about the same as the outer diameter. It can withstand the heavy pressure of footsteps, does not break, does not change shape, can quickly recover, and has no damage to itself, has good flexibility, corrosion resistance, temperature resistance, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance, water resistance, and UV resistance Ultraviolet rays.
  High temperature resistant duct material: wall material: internal and external stainless steel wire reinforcement and special glass fiber coating, spiral wire: stainless steel (VA), ultra-light weight, flexible bending, compressible, external steel wire tightly clamped The tube wall is not easy to kink, strong toughness; high cost performance; anti-vibration.
  The working temperature range of high temperature resistant air duct: about -60 °C to +600 °C, up to +700 °C in a short time. The product does not burn, has good flame retardancy, good fire resistance and good mechanical strength.

  High temperature resistant air duct manufacturing process: Patented CP structure, external spiral metal wire support (metal sheet + wire), double-layer pipe wall; the external spiral wire plays a role of wear protection, which can be dragged on the ground at will Worn air duct. It integrates the functions of air supply, temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, flame retardant, wear resistance, tensile resistance and arbitrary expansion, no shrinkage, no deformation, no poisonous gas, no dense smoke, low product density, light weight, easy construction and reduced mechanical structure Load-bearing.
  High temperature exhaust pipe, high temperature resistant telescopic air pipe is safe to use and light in size. Cooperate with various mechanical equipment (various dryers, ovens, portable fans, injection molding machines, high-temperature finishing irons). Used in workshops, automobile exhaust, bathroom, electronics factories, sewers, shipyards, refrigeration, environmental protection. Smoke extraction , Moisture, dust, high temperature gas, powder extraction, air supply, etc. It has the functions of anti-static, acid and alkali resistance, chemical exhaust gas, flame retardant, abrasion resistance, tensile resistance and arbitrary expansion and universal transformation. Welcome to call to discuss and order.
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