High-temperature-resistant air ducts provide air supply and exhaust in harsh working environments such as air-tight, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and wind-resistant ventilation equipment for small mining

by:Haikuo     2021-06-07
High-temperature-resistant air ducts, high-temperature and high-pressure resistant high-temperature air ducts can be used for long-term high-temperature ventilation operations in various high-temperature and high-pressure harsh environments. They have the advantages of no air leakage, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low wind resistance, and strong compressive strength. It is mainly used to require flame retardant, solids such as powder water and fibers, gaseous media such as steam and smoke, factory suction and dust removal, exhaust gas emissions and welding gas emissions. It is generally installed in the computer room, basement, mechanical engineering, mining ventilation equipment, fire smoke exhaust and other harsh working environments for air supply and exhaust, smoke collection, high temperature resistance and exhaust air.
  High temperature resistant air duct. The high temperature air duct is reinforced with white fiber lines on the outside, covered with high temperature glue inside and outside, special polyester fiber in the middle, and elastic steel wire covered in the middle of the tube. It has the characteristics of high fatigue strength, which is fully achieved. Fireproof requirements, and easy to bend to any angle, and flexible, easy to transport, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, vibration and noise reduction, strong sealing, and long service life.

  1. Uses: used for flame retardant, solids such as powder water and fiber, gaseous media, such as steam and smoke, and factory suction and dust removal. Exhaust gas emissions and welding gas emissions.
  2. Attributes: double layer, good heat resistance, stretchable, and the outside is protected from wear by the spiral wire. The external steel wire clamps the pipe wall tightly and is not easy to kink, and has strong toughness
  3. Material: pipe wall material, internal and external stainless steel wire reinforcement and special glass fiber coating, spiral wire, stainless steel (VA)
  4. Temperature range: about -60℃, up to -700℃ in a short time
   5. Structure: Patented CP structure. External spiral metal wire support (metal sheet + wire), double wall
  6. Patent No.: ZL201130194610.7 This product series Hangzhou Haikuo high temperature resistant hose patent products are strictly prohibited to prevent cold.
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