High temperature resistant ducts are frequently damaged. It is important for the purchaser to determine the hose demand data

by:Haikuo     2021-06-06
High temperature resistant ducts are frequently damaged. It is important for the purchaser to determine the hose demand data
   high temperature resistant air ducts are mainly used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, low-pressure environments, suction equipment, defense industry, aircraft manufacturing, engine industry, cold and hot air transportation and other industries. It has a small bending radius, high temperature resistance, flame retardant, and extremely easy to bend. The high temperature range is -60℃~400℃, and it can reach +450℃ in a short time. The outer spiral ring is made of galvanized steel belt, and the pipe wall is made of glass fiber cloth. The spiral ring on the outside of the high-temperature hose prevents the tube wall from wearing. The special clamping method guarantees the high tensile strength between the hose material and the outer spiral steel wire. Many customers often have hose damage in the process of using high temperature resistant air ducts. What is the cause? What reference data should be provided to suppliers when purchasing high temperature resistant air ducts as a purchaser?
  Some customers often call the company to say that the high-temperature-resistant ducts on site are not durable and frequently damaged, and they need to find a replacement. We will ask the customer to talk about their specific needs for the hose. At this time, the customer will say that the 125MM hose is ventilated. Please quote me directly. Do you think this sentence is familiar? Have you ever said something similar when purchasing high-temperature air ducts? This is a typical hose frequent damage caused by improper product selection. In fact, as a purchaser, purchase one It is easy to buy a hose, but it is not so easy to purchase a product that is suitable for your company and at a reasonable price.

   Therefore, we recommend that the purchaser must provide the supplier with the following data when purchasing the high temperature air duct, so that the supplier can help you choose a suitable hose according to your working conditions.
  1, inner diameter / outer diameter
  2, length
  3. Purpose (medium)
  4. Working conditions: scalability/compressibility
  5, temperature
  6, work pressure
  7, use environment (indoor / leaky sky)
   8. Installation method
  Hangzhou Haikuo recommends that the purchaser and seller confirm the product requirements and performance, and choose the most suitable hose for the customer according to the specific requirements, so that the hose will not be frequently damaged due to improper selection.
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