High temperature resistant exhaust hose, a retractable flexible duct

by:Haikuo     2021-06-08
The high temperature resistant exhaust hose is a high temperature resistant flexible duct, which is resistant to high temperature, oleic acid, flame retardant, and insulated; and it is super light in weight, flexible in bending, compressible, and has excellent bending and expansion performance. Chemical resistance, wear resistance, oil resistance, aging resistance, tear strength resistance. As a high temperature resistant ventilation exhaust pipe, it must be exposed to a variety of materials. Because glass fiber is resistant to chemical corrosion, it has a wide range of applications; compared with ordinary exhaust pipes, both in quality and manufacturing process , High temperature resistant telescopic exhaust hose is superior to ordinary exhaust pipe.

   High temperature resistant air ducts are common in many industries, and are widely used in confined narrow space construction and other harsh air environments, such as exhausting welding gas, smoke, paint smell when building ships; pumping dust from products when cleaning the machine room; Air supply and exhaust in tunnels, mines, municipal sewer projects, underground cable projects, etc.; extraction of smoke, moisture, dust, smoke, moisture, dust, etc. in factory buildings, electronic equipment, sewers, metallurgy, moisture, exhaust emissions, refrigeration, and environmental protection ventilation projects. High-temperature gas, ventilation, and extractive plant heaters are used to discharge aircraft equipment and military coordination bellows and compressors in low-pressure environments.
  The inside of the flexible high temperature resistant air duct is coated with special glass fiber, thermally insulated fiber, and coated with high temperature glue; the outside of the tube is coated with special glass fiber, the clamp structure is spiral, stainless steel (VA), and The strong steel ring protection can be dragged on the ground at will without wearing the air duct. In addition, it can also withstand heavy pressure. Hangzhou Haikuo's high temperature resistant air duct series products have passed the inspection of the National Refractory Component Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. The external clamp-type structure is wear-resistant and very strong. The bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter; It is 1:5, can withstand temperatures of about -60℃ to +400℃, and about +450℃ in short time The standard length is 10 meters, can be requested: special color, special length, can be customized.
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