High temperature resistant exhaust hose, fireproof and flame retardant automobile exhaust exhaust pipe

by:Haikuo     2021-06-08
High temperature resistant hoses, high temperature resistant exhaust hoses are easy to bend and stretch, and the external structure supports spiral reinforcement protection, which can resist vibration, corrosion, and good chemical resistance. Ultra-high temperature hoses are easy to bend and expand, and can resist earthquakes and corrosion. Good chemical resistance. Used in exhaust gas from automobile engines, solids with strong abrasion force, such as dust and fibers, strong active media, such as steam and smoke, industrial dust removal and suction, chemical industry, used in welding exhaust gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, computer rooms, It is used for air supply and exhaust, smoke collection and dust removal in harsh working environments such as basements, tunnels, municipal pipeline engineering, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, mining ventilation machines, and fire-fighting smoke exhaust.

  Structure: The external structure is a supporting spiral shape, with nylon reinforcing ribs inlaid inside. The special high-temperature exhaust hose for automobiles is easy to bend and stretch, and the external structure supports the protection of the spiral reinforcing ribs, and it is also resistant to earthquakes and corrosion.
  Temperature resistance range: -40℃ to +150℃, instantaneous time +200℃.
  Production size: Ф50mm—Ф200㎜
   has good chemical resistance ultra-high temperature hose, easy to bend and stretch,
  High temperature resistant hose is made of high temperature heat insulation material, its performance is better than traditional heat insulation material, double layer, good heat resistance, sealing protection, smooth inside; retractable fiber reinforced, small bending radius , Not easy to kink, compliant with RoHS regulations; used for diesel engine test benches, automobile exhaust emissions, high-temperature boiler automobile extraction, exhaust equipment, engine structures, heating engines, solids such as dust, powder and fiber, gas environments such as Steam and smoke, dust removal and extraction plant, heater exhaust, aircraft equipment and military reconciliation bellows and compressors, low-pressure environments; high-temperature hoses for exhaust are suitable for hot or cold air guide pipes, high-temperature exhaust gas discharge, Motor vehicle exhaust emissions, high-temperature welding gas emissions, engine structure, engine heating, etc.
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