High temperature resistant hose instructions and material introduction

by:Haikuo     2021-06-08
  1. High temperature resistant duct wall: two-layer structure, the inner and outer walls are all high temperature fabrics, and coated with heat stabilizer, reinforced by stainless steel wire
  2, external thread of high temperature resistant air duct: galvanized steel wire
   1. Exhaust emissions, automobile industry 2. Exhaust exhaust gas 3. Vehicles and engines 4. Suction device 5. Shipbuilding and other industries 6. Aircraft and defense industry
   7. General engineering 8. Boiler 9. Iron and steel plant 10. Infrared drying equipment 11. Radiant heat protection device
  1, high temperature resistance 2, flame retardant  3, stainless steel wire braiding enhances the anti-vibration performance 4, easy to bend 5, axial compression 6, small bending radius
  7, multiple presses suitable for specific conditions 8, good vacuum resistance 9, no silicone 10, external spiral steel wire increases abrasion resistance
  11. The special clamping method ensures the high tensile strength between the hose material and the external spiral steel wire
  12. According to TRBS 2153, suitable non-combustible dust and gas with low conductivity. Both ends of the spiral ring should be grounded and the distance between the two spirals should be less than 30 mm to ensure static dissipation
  13, RoHS compliant
  High temperature resistant air duct applicable temperature range
  1, -20 ℃ to 650 ℃ 2, short time up to +750 ℃
  High temperature duct structure
  1, external thread 2, pipe wall: two layers, reinforced high temperature fiber
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