High temperature resistant telescopic air duct automobile exhaust emission, factory solder fume extraction application

by:Haikuo     2021-06-09
High temperature resistant air ducts are widely used in various industries such as hot gas extraction from high-temperature boilers, automobile exhaust emissions, factory solder smoke extraction, blast heater exhaust and welding gas exhaust, and are used for exhaust equipment, engine structures, and heating engines. , Solids such as dust, powders and fibers, gas environments such as steam and smoke, dust removal and extraction plant, heater exhaust, aircraft equipment and military coordination bellows and compressors, low-pressure environments.
  High-temperature resistant air duct is made of imported high-quality glass fiber coated cloth (one layer) and high-strength fiber thread, and the upper and lower ends of the material are clamped by metal clamps. Double layer, good heat resistance. Stretching, the outside is protected from wear by the spiral wire. The external steel wire is tight and clamps the pipe wall-not easy to kink, and strong toughness. High-quality performance of acid and alkali resistance, metal resistance, vibration resistance, external wear protection through spiral wire, strong flame retardant, flame retardant in accordance with DIN 4102-B1, very strong, bending radius approximately equal to the outer diameter, stretchable, and high toughness , The life span is also long.

  High temperature resistant air duct has the characteristics of high fatigue resistance, fully meets the requirements of fire protection, and is easy to bend to any angle, and can be stretched freely, convenient for transportation, and has corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, shock absorption and noise reduction, and strong sealing , Long service life and other advantages. Convenient to carry, resistant to oleic acid and flame retardant; any bending radius is approximately equal to the outer diameter, which can discharge static electricity (according to BGR 132, former ly ZH 1/200) spiral wire grounding; flame retardant high temperature resistant air duct can be used for a variety of high temperatures for a long time High-temperature ventilation operations in high-pressure harsh environments, used for welding waste flue gas extraction, air conditioning and ventilation equipment; machine rooms, basements, tunnels, municipal pipeline engineering, mechanical shipbuilding engineering, mining ventilation equipment, fire smoke exhaust and other harsh working environments It is used for air supply and exhaust, and for collecting and removing smoke and dust.
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