How long is the service life of metal bellows in general?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-02
The metal corrugated pipe is made of carbon steel steel plate and special equipment for metal corrugated culvert. The metal corrugated culvert has a corrugated shape, and the metal corrugated culvert is a corrosion-resistant metal tubular structure. If the metal corrugated culvert is from the circumferential direction.
To distinguish between the whole, metal corrugated pipes can be divided into whole pipes and sub-assembly pipes, which are used to replace cement round pipe culverts and cover plates in highway and railway projects.
Culverts, box culverts and small bridges, etc.
The main use of metal bellows
1. Metal corrugated culvert pipes for culverts, culverts and seepage wells for highways, railways and waterways
2. Temporary bridge and bridge load-bearing structure
3. Metal corrugated culvert pipes for urban sewage pipes, rainwater pipes and sewage pipes
4. Pipes for laying underground pipelines, metal corrugated culvert pipes in underground common area
5. Small bridge, culvert reconstruction and reinforcement of metal corrugated culvert
Technical advantages and advantages of metal bellows
High strength: The strength of metal bellows is 1.5 to 3 times that of cement pipes.
Light weight: The metal bellows is only 1/15~1/5 of the same standard cement pipe.
Long service life: The service life of metal bellows is more than 100 years.
Cost reduction: When the span (diameter) of the metal bellows is ≥1m, the larger the span, the more significant the benefit.
The construction is convenient and fast: the metal bellows does not need large-scale machinery on site, only a few manual operations are required.
Axial: Metal bellows can be applied to the occasions with severe settlement.
The construction period is shortened by about half, and the metal corrugated culvert saves labor costs
The metal bellows is beneficial to improve the 'stagger' phenomenon between the foundation structure and the embankment, and it is comfortable to walk in.
Environmental protection and low carbon: Metal corrugated culverts are reduced or basically abandoned conventional building materials, such as the use of cement, yellow sand, stones, wood, and metal corrugated
Management is conducive to environmental protection and reducing carbon emissions.
The later protection of metal bellows is convenient. The metal bellows culvert does not even need to be protected in a considerable part of the environment. After the metal bellows drops significantly
Period operating costs.
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