How many employees in Haikuo Hose?
Hangzhou Haikuo Rubber And Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has established a complete management system which consists of different departments. Of this, the number of employees in R&D, sale and service divisions makes up about 80% of the total. All employees are essential to achieve the goals. The number of employees may be increased, based on the business development.

Haikuo Hose is a Chinese manufacturer of hydraulic hose pipe. Our business is concentrated in the fields of designing, manufacturing, and marketing of relevant products. Haikuo Hose has created a number of successful series, and rubber water hoses is one of them. The raw materials used in Haikuo Hose high pressure thermoplastic hose is totally improved, which is different from traditional ones. Its flexibility facilitates a range of motion operations. The product works stably under harsh conditions. Its mechanical parts, treated under different corrosive medium, can operate stably in acid-base and mechanical oil environment. This product allows for the liquid to transfer smoothly and quickly.

Integrating personal pursuit into the long-term development of the company is the wish of our company for employees. Inquire!
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