How much do you know about anti-static hoses?

by:Haikuo     2021-05-31
How much do you know about anti-static hoses?
  Industrial hoses are widely used in all walks of life, so there are many types, of which anti-static hoses are one kind. This product has a wide range of applications and its use effects are also much satisfied by users, especially for applications In the flammable and explosive dust extraction industry. But how much do you know about the basic information about anti-static hoses? Many people only have a superficial understanding. The following editor will give you a brief introduction.
   1. The scope of application of anti-static hose. In most cases, this kind of hose is used in some static suction occasions, which can eliminate static electricity, such as abrasive solid powder occasions, flammable and explosive dust industries, especially production workshops in industrial industries. , The solid powder, fiber, debris, and other particulate matter in the workshop are easy to generate static electricity under mutual friction. At this time, the simpler way is to directly use this kind of anti-static hose. Effectively prevent the generation of static electricity.
   Second, the performance attributes of anti-static hoses. The properties of the anti-static hose will directly affect the use effect. The anti-static hose has high wear resistance, the inside is very smooth, and the surface resistance is 10^9. It has good chemical resistance, oxidation resistance and UV resistance, while ordinary hoses cannot have both So much performance. Due to the small bending radius of the anti-static hose, there will be no leakage during use, whether it is gas or liquid.

   Third, the structure and material of anti-static hose products. The structure of the anti-static hose is actually very simple. The inner wall of the hose is covered with a layer of hard plastic spiral reinforcement, and the inner wall is smooth and flat. As for the materials used, the material used for the pipe wall is polyurethane, while the material used for the spiral wire is hard PVC, both of which are top-quality materials, with good results.
   Fourth, the temperature range of the anti-static hose. Under normal circumstances, it is used between minus 20 degrees and above zero degrees. It can be used at a high temperature of 120 degrees in a short time, but remember that the time should not be too long, otherwise the hose will melt.
  The problems that need to be paid attention to when choosing the anti-static hose:
   First of all, you must pay attention to the installation occasions. The anti-static hoses required in different production occasions are also different. Then you must choose according to the actual model when choosing, so the effect will be better. ;An anti-static hose has a major feature that the material is very soft and can be bent at will, but often the size of the tube will be different, so you must pay attention to the problem of a model when choosing, only the hose that matches the model To meet the actual role, please consult the sales engineer of Hangzhou Haikuo for the specific selection.
   Secondly, when choosing anti-static hoses, it is better to choose products produced by regular manufacturers, because the products produced by large manufacturers will be better in quality, and products with high performance such as anti-static hoses are even more needed. High-tech production methods, from the use of materials to the production technology, need to be guaranteed. Therefore, a strong manufacturer is required to produce to ensure the quality of the anti-static hose.
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