How much do you know about the standards and performance characteristics of food-grade hoses and food-grade rubber hoses?

by:Haikuo     2021-06-27
Food-grade hoses, food-grade rubber hoses, I believe everyone knows its use-food hoses for conveying milk, fat fluids and other beverages. However, it is precisely because of the special objects it applies to, so people pay more attention to its safety and hygiene. So what are the standards for this kind of food conveying hose, and how are its working parameters specified? Below, Hangzhou Haikuo editor will take you to take a look at it in detail.
   First of all, let’s take a look at the material of this hose. Since it belongs to the category of food hoses, the inner rubber of the pipe must meet the food hygiene level, such as smooth and seamless nitrile synthetic rubber, EPDM rubber, this These materials have passed the FDA certification of the United States, and some have passed the CE certification, which guarantees good safety in use. As for its outer glue, the most commonly used is composite glue. In terms of color, the inner wall is white, and the outer wall is natural and comfortable blue.

   is followed by the environment in which it is used. This kind of food-grade hose cannot be used in a negative pressure environment, otherwise it will be easily deformed due to extrusion, which will affect the quality of the conveyed material and later use. Calculated in Palestine, its working pressure should not exceed 10. From the point of view of operating temperature, the hose can work normally in the environment of minus 30 degrees to minus 90 degrees.
   Finally, there are some precautions when conveying. Food-grade rubber hoses can be used to transport milk or alcoholic beverages, but the inner wall should be disinfected before transporting. After each work, it needs to be cleaned in time to ensure normal use next time. In addition, although the thickness of the hose wall itself resists a certain impulse, the impact of various hard objects and heavy objects should be avoided as much as possible during its work.
  'Hangzhou Haikuo' food grade rubber hose is imported from the famous THOR brand manufacturer in Italy. It conforms to the American FDA standard and the German BGA/BgVV standard. The product quality is absolutely guaranteed. Our company has a large stock of food hoses. Sufficient inventory, with the order and the shipment.
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